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Exploring the relationship between partial reprogramming and epigenetic rejuvenation

Reprogramming-induced rejuvenation can be safely used to reduce biological age, say researchers.

Only 1 in 5 people in the US has optimal heart health

Heart health worry: New Life’s Essential 8 score reveals concerning data, reports American Heart Association

Forever chemicals could spell trouble for longevity

New research shows that forever chemicals are linked to hypertension, and high blood pressure puts extra strain on your blood vessels and heart.

Secrets of aging revealed in large reptile and amphibian study

Significant study on longevity and aging in reptiles identifies several species that essentially do not age.


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Decentralising biotech – Molecule raises $12.7 million in seed funding

Molecule is opening up longevity research with collaborative communities that share the risks – and the rewards.

Cellino expands executive team as it scales regeneration tech

Industry veterans will build out cell therapy technology platform company's business and operations functions.

Genflow Bio set to accelerate future therapeutic developments

Genflow's new research agreement with Magnitude Biosciences puts the company on track to drive research and pre-clinical drug discovery.

Underdog becomes Cyclarity – and moves to the Buck Institute

Underdog's success means a name change. Enter Cyclarity, which takes up residence in state-of-the-art labs at the Buck Institute.

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Five key steps to getting an AgeTech startup funded

Partner at venture capital firm Flint Capital reveals five key steps to funding success for AgeTech startups.

Aging in place is the “holy grail” of AgeTech

Keren Etkin, author of The AgeTech Revolution, talks aging in place and agetech and how they can benefit society at large.

International Women’s Day: the wonderful women of longevity

Celebrating International Women’s Day, we reflect on just some of the pioneering women we have written about over the last few months.

Rosita Longevity over 60s health app launches in US

The Mediterranean mobile health app that aims to optimise healthy longevity in the over 60s launches after raising a $2.8 million seed round.