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US government backs thymus rejuvenation project with $37m ARPA-H funding

Thymus Rejuvenation project led by Thymmune Therapeutics aims to restore damaged or non-functional thymus tissue.

‘Data-driven health is going to be the biggest revolution in the history of medicine’

The Buck and Phenome Health join forces on a data-driven approach to understanding aging biology and improving human healthspan.

Researchers land $3.2m to study impact of microbiome disruption on Alzheimer’s

Researchers at the University of Alabama to investigate the effects of microbiome disruption on Alzheimer’s disease progression.

Will psychedelics produce the next longevity drug?

Dr Halland Chen on longevity medicine, mindset and the potential of psychedelics to improve human longevity.


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‘We are so close to the future we want’

Age1's General Partner Alex Colville on why moonshots have a superpower that is derisking longevity investing.

ExcepGen emerges from stealth, targets genetic medicine revolution

Genetic medicine startup on a mission to “massively expand” the reach of DNA and RNA-based genetic medicines.

Mogrify boosts Series A to $46m to advance cellular reprogramming therapies

Company’s technology enables direct in vivo transdifferentiation between any source cell type and any target cell type of clinical interest.

Laverock lands £13.5m to advance gene silencing technology

British gene-silencing technology company Laverock Therapeutics has secured £13.5 million in a seed funding round.

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Physicians want AI tech to help dementia patients live longer

Two-thirds of UK GPs want to prescribe tech for their dementia patients to help them remain independent and live longer.

Connected technologies are changing the future of aging at home

Huong Le Dieu, Lead Product Manager of BLabs at Baracoda Daily Healthtech, on why it's time to take aging in place to the next level.

AI innovations to transform living with dementia awarded £1.9 million

Longitude Prize on Dementia champions personalized tech that to helps people living with dementia enjoy independent and fulfilled lives.

Clearday and Viveon Health SPAC announce merger agreement to accelerate innovative longevity tech

Definitive merger agreement set to accelerate robotic companion care/AI longevity tech platform to market.