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New epigenetic clocks could reinvent how we measure age

New models predict biological age more robustly by pinpointing different age-related changes and distinguishing between cause and effect.

Researchers prevent memory deterioration in Alzheimer’s model

Research team at Tel Aviv University may have found way to predicting the disease in dormant state, before onset of cognitive decline.

New UK research cluster to study aging in model organisms

UKRI funds new aging research cluster that will study age-related biological changes in mice and other animal models.

How can Death-seq help to improve senolytic therapies?

New research identifies a screening method that helps in the systematic study of cell death and that will enhance the treatment of senescence.


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Bioptimus primed with $35m to unravel disease biology using AI

French startup founded by former Google DeepMind talent aims to build first ‘universal AI foundation model’ for biology.

GlycanAge secures $4.2 million to accelerate personalized preventative care

LAUNCHub Ventures and Kadmos Capital investment will scaffold GlycanAge's move into glycobiology-based diagnostics.

Chrysea acquires Rodon to advance development of nutritional longevity products

Juvenescence-backed biotech snaps up biomanufacturing firm to enhance its synthetic biology and biopharma development capabilities.

Sudo Bio lands additional $30m for TYK2 inhibitors with potential in Alzheimer’s

Dementia Discovery Fund joins new investors, citing Sudo’s potential in multiple neuroinflammatory diseases, including Alzheimer’s.

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Portfolia’s latest AgeTech investment leaves Toi Labs flushed with success

Female investor group backs AgeTech creator of AI-powered smart toilet seat that continually monitors users’ health.

Physicians want AI tech to help dementia patients live longer

Two-thirds of UK GPs want to prescribe tech for their dementia patients to help them remain independent and live longer.

Connected technologies are changing the future of aging at home

Huong Le Dieu, Lead Product Manager of BLabs at Baracoda Daily Healthtech, on why it's time to take aging in place to the next level.

AI innovations to transform living with dementia awarded £1.9 million

Longitude Prize on Dementia champions personalized tech that to helps people living with dementia enjoy independent and fulfilled lives.