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Predicting speed of cognitive decline in early Alzheimer’s

Predictive models offer insight into cognitive decline for early Alzheimer's patients, highlighting potential benefits of new drugs.

Longevity drug? Study finds taking Ozempic/Wegovy may also benefit brain health

Oxford University analysis finds semaglutide does not negatively impact brain health and may in fact reduce risk of cognitive problems.

Master controller of aging and development uncovered

New insights into transcription factors and chromatin remodeling reveal potential for improving age-related health outcomes.

Biomarkers of Aging Challenge Series enters ‘mortality prediction’ phase

Alamar Bio joins forces with Biomarkers of Aging Consortium on proteomics datasets for the latest phase of longevity research competition.


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Asceneuron bags $100m to advance tau-targeting Alzheimer’s drug into Phase 2 clinical trial

Company’s small molecule OGA inhibitors have shown potential to improve protein aggregation in Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and ALS.

Ani.VC out of the traps with $35 million fund for pet longevity

Early-stage fund will back innovative startups in Europe, Asia and the US that are focused on pets' longevity, health and therapeutics.

OpenAI Startup Fund and Thrive Global launch AI health coaching venture

Leveraging generative AI, Thrive AI Health seeks to improve healthspan and lifespan via a personalized approach to behavior change.

HepaRegenix lands €15m to advance liver regeneration drug into clinical trials

Company to commence clinical trials of MKK4 inhibitor shown to induce liver regeneration ‘even in severely diseased livers.’

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Portfolia’s latest AgeTech investment leaves Toi Labs flushed with success

Female investor group backs AgeTech creator of AI-powered smart toilet seat that continually monitors users’ health.

Physicians want AI tech to help dementia patients live longer

Two-thirds of UK GPs want to prescribe tech for their dementia patients to help them remain independent and live longer.

Connected technologies are changing the future of aging at home

Huong Le Dieu, Lead Product Manager of BLabs at Baracoda Daily Healthtech, on why it's time to take aging in place to the next level.

AI innovations to transform living with dementia awarded £1.9 million

Longitude Prize on Dementia champions personalized tech that to helps people living with dementia enjoy independent and fulfilled lives.