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Funding aging research ‘more urgent’ than cancer research

BSRA chairman calls for greater funding of aging research in the UK in order to impact many diseases at once.

Space travel goes boldly into human immune aging research

Scientists show how space travel disrupts immune function, offering new strategies to maintain immunity in space and combat aging on Earth.

Cradle emerges with $48m to build reversible cryonics technology

Startup targets ‘human whole-body reversible cryopreservation’ after demonstrating the recovery of electrical activity in neural tissue.

CAR T crashers – how combating senescence boosts healthspan

A new paper explores how innovative use of CAR T cells in aged mice revealed significant improvements in metabolic function and longevity.


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Alzheon lands $100m to advance oral Alzheimer’s drug towards commercialization

Funding to complete ongoing Phase 3 trial and commercial launch of first oral disease-modifying therapy for Alzheimer’s.

Founders Longevity Forum – insights and highlights

Experts discuss breakthroughs and challenges in longevity science, from women's health to the future of organ replacement.

Hevolution announces $400 million surge in healthspan funding

Global nonprofit foundation awards healthspan research funding to Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Northwestern University.

Acorn Biolabs lands $8m for follicle-based stem cell cryopreservation service

Hair-follicle derived stem cell banking service allows individuals to cryopreserve their cells for future medical and aesthetic applications.

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Portfolia’s latest AgeTech investment leaves Toi Labs flushed with success

Female investor group backs AgeTech creator of AI-powered smart toilet seat that continually monitors users’ health.

Physicians want AI tech to help dementia patients live longer

Two-thirds of UK GPs want to prescribe tech for their dementia patients to help them remain independent and live longer.

Connected technologies are changing the future of aging at home

Huong Le Dieu, Lead Product Manager of BLabs at Baracoda Daily Healthtech, on why it's time to take aging in place to the next level.

AI innovations to transform living with dementia awarded £1.9 million

Longitude Prize on Dementia champions personalized tech that to helps people living with dementia enjoy independent and fulfilled lives.