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Protein linked to aging is lowered by calorie reduction

Lab-demonstrated lifespan and healthspan benefits from reduced calorie intake could extend to humans, new research shows.

Researchers discover new molecules with longevity boosting potential

Longevity company Vitalunga to develop mitophagy-activating drugs that rejuvenate cells, and extend lifespan and healthspan in worm models.

Loss of male sex chromosome leads to shortened longevity for men

The loss can cause potentially deadly heart scarring, although an existing drug may offer treatment possibility.

Early Alzheimer’s detection – up to 17 years in advance

A sensor identifies misfolded protein biomarkers in the blood, offering the possibility of detecting Alzheimer's before any symptoms occur.


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Christian Angermayer on longevity and biotech investment: it’s bouncing back

Top investor talks longevity investment, optimism on SPAC deal, and light at the end of the tunnel for the biotech market.

Building precision nutritional intervention from the ground up

Chrysea CEO Dr Pedro de Noronha Pissarra on the digitalisation of biology and the Law of Accelerating Returns.

Longeveron announces Q2 results and updates on Alzheimer’s clinical trial

Phase 2a trial of Lomecel-B for patients with mild Alzheimer’s is on track and company has $27m to fund operations into 2024.

Lifting the lid on a brain longevity data platform

BrainKey's Dr Owen Phillips on incorporating imaging, genetics and demographics into a meaningful patient experience for brain longevity.

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Five key steps to getting an AgeTech startup funded

Partner at venture capital firm Flint Capital reveals five key steps to funding success for AgeTech startups.

Aging in place is the “holy grail” of AgeTech

Keren Etkin, author of The AgeTech Revolution, talks aging in place and agetech and how they can benefit society at large.

International Women’s Day: the wonderful women of longevity

Celebrating International Women’s Day, we reflect on just some of the pioneering women we have written about over the last few months.

Rosita Longevity over 60s health app launches in US

The Mediterranean mobile health app that aims to optimise healthy longevity in the over 60s launches after raising a $2.8 million seed round.