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A decade of research expands the Hallmarks of Aging from nine to twelve

Aging by the dozen: twelve hallmarks of aging provide comprehensive framework that will be key in the understanding – and delaying – aging.

Researchers identify small molecule that restores visual function after optic nerve injury

Neuroscientists have demonstrate a small molecule that can effectively stimulate nerve regeneration and restore visual function.

New international task force aims to understand the role of aging in Parkinson’s disease

Researchers from 29 institutions, across 11 countries, will join forces in a new network funded by the Michael J Fox Foundation.

HRT could ward off Alzheimer’s disease in at-risk women

Hormone Replacement Therapy could help prevent Alzheimer’s among women at risk of developing the disease – according to new research.


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Longevity Biomedical and SPAC Denali to create Nasdaq-listed longevity biopharm company

New biopharmaceutical company will focus on advancing new tech to promote human health and longevity.

Longevity investment bulletin: Juvena, eGenesis, Springs Rejuvenation and more

The latest longevity updates from our investment news desk. Featuring Juvena, eGenesis, Springs Rejuvenation and more.

Petr Sramek: Now is the right time to invest in longevity founder compares today’s longevity investment market to the AI sector before valuations skyrocketed.

Humacyte publishes 6-year outcomes in Phase 2 study of its Human Acellular Vessel

HAV remains durable at 6 years in those with Peripheral Artery Disease, providing long-term perfusion to those with critical limb ischemia.

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Longitude Prize on dementia names expert judging panel

Turing Institute, University of Cambridge and US longevity experts named judges of ground-breaking dementia tech prize.

Five key steps to getting an AgeTech startup funded

Partner at venture capital firm Flint Capital reveals five key steps to funding success for AgeTech startups.

Aging in place is the “holy grail” of AgeTech

Keren Etkin, author of The AgeTech Revolution, talks aging in place and agetech and how they can benefit society at large.

International Women’s Day: the wonderful women of longevity

Celebrating International Women’s Day, we reflect on just some of the pioneering women we have written about over the last few months.