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Mapping the cellular landscape of aging muscles

A new atlas of aging human muscle reveals processes behind muscle deterioration and could spotlight paths to combat sarcopenia and frailty.

Call for significant increase in funding for aging research in the UK

British charity launches public fundraising campaign to support more research into understanding and slowing aging.

Dutch researchers find another link between exercise and reversing the effects of aging

New study shows that exercise decreases levels of a specific fat that accumulates in our tissues as we age.

Did dinosaurs impact how today’s mammals age?

New research proposes a hypothesis that suggests dinosaurs played an important role in shaping the aging rate of present-day mammals.


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Xaira launches with $1bn for AI drug discovery and development

Company aims to leverage AI to ‘connect the world of biological targets and engineered molecules to the human experience of disease.’

Apollo Health is turning untapped technology into longevity companies

With multiple biotechs targeting a broad range of aging drivers, the company builder's portfolio of longevity companies is coming of age.

Rubedo lands $40m to advance senescence-targeting therapeutics into clinical trials

Longevity biotech plans Phase 1 senotherapeutics trial this year as it seeks to keep people 'biologically young.'

IsoSpec lands funding for platform that identifies unknown molecules at scale

Swiss company targets the “95% unknown” molecular space to support development of new disease treatments and biomarkers.

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Portfolia’s latest AgeTech investment leaves Toi Labs flushed with success

Female investor group backs AgeTech creator of AI-powered smart toilet seat that continually monitors users’ health.

Physicians want AI tech to help dementia patients live longer

Two-thirds of UK GPs want to prescribe tech for their dementia patients to help them remain independent and live longer.

Connected technologies are changing the future of aging at home

Huong Le Dieu, Lead Product Manager of BLabs at Baracoda Daily Healthtech, on why it's time to take aging in place to the next level.

AI innovations to transform living with dementia awarded £1.9 million

Longitude Prize on Dementia champions personalized tech that to helps people living with dementia enjoy independent and fulfilled lives.