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New study reveals how neurons die in Alzheimer’s disease

Breakthrough research illustrates how neurons initiate a programmed form of cell death – and how neuron death can be prevented.

Leveraging the past to illuminate longevity for the future

Rooted in Amish genetic knowledge, Zoe Biosciences’ novel platform could become the gold standard for delayed human aging.

First-ever clinical trial of ketone supplementation to treat and prevent frailty

$3.5m NIH grant funds multi-site trial to see if putting at-risk older adults into ketosis can stave off a key aspect of geriatric syndrome.

Synthego and join forces on genetic engineering platform for cell therapy

Genome engineering company partners with synthetic biology company to implement synthetic circuitry in cells for therapeutic applications.


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‘We are information machines – and it’s time to renew the code.’

Methuselah Foundation's CEO David Gobel on clinging to the longevity biotech mast while waiting for the rising tide.

Venture firm age1 launches with $35 million to extend healthy lifespan

Dr Alex Colville joins forces with Laura Deming to advance The Longevity Fund’s mission and lead investments in longevity science moonshots.

Broken String snags $15 million to make cell and gene therapy safer

INDUCE-seq platform aims to enable the development of CRISPR cell and gene therapies that are 'safer by design.'

NMN Bio and Aster Pharmacy unite to bring antiaging supplements to UAE market

Partnership aims to set a new standard for health and wellness in the United Arab Emirates.

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