Editorial Policy

Editorial policy for Longevity.Technology

We strive to publish high quality content, with fair representation which is attributed appropriately on Longevity.Technology.

Editorial robustness
We believe that the content that we publish should adhere to high standards of transparency and robustness.

Confidentiality and embargos
We believe that all correspondence between editors, authors and peer reviewers should be treated as confidential by default.

We achieve this by ensuring that all of our editors and employees receive clear guidance about the need for confidentiality.

If we disseminate confidential information that we have produced prior to publication, we will be clear about the need for confidentiality to be respected by all parties.

Competing interests
In situations where we have commercial interests, these will be clearly identified with use of a disclosure statement.

Corrections and retractions
We believe that it is our responsibility to maintain the integrity of the published literature and to act quickly to address any challenges or questions around the work that we publish.

Diversity commitment
We believe that publishing benefits from diversity. We aim to foster equity, diversity and inclusion within our internal practices and in published content, embody these values in all our editorial activities and to support and promote these values in the community.

Editorial independence
We believe that the editorial decision-making process should be independent of all commercial concerns.

Personal data
We adhere to data protection law and believe that personal data should be disclosed only with the full permission of the individual to whom the data pertains.

We achieve this by requiring authors to obtain consent to publish individual identifiable personal data. In cases where personal data is published without consent, editors will retract the article or redact identifiable data.

Research data
Where appropriate, research data will be referenced.

Attributions and permissions
Any intellectual property that we publish with permission shall be correctly attributed.