Investment news

Xaira launches with $1bn for AI drug discovery and development

Company aims to leverage AI to ‘connect the world of biological targets and engineered molecules to the human experience of disease.’ AI drug discovery company Xaira Therapeutics has launched with

Apollo Health is turning untapped technology into longevity companies

With multiple biotechs targeting a broad range of aging drivers, the company builder’s portfolio of longevity companies is coming of age. Last month, Saudi-backed non-profit Hevolution made waves by announcing

Rubedo lands $40m to advance senescence-targeting therapeutics into clinical trials

Longevity biotech plans Phase 1 senotherapeutics trial this year as it seeks to keep people ‘biologically young.’ Senotherapeutics biopharma Rubedo Life Sciences today announced a $40 million Series A financing

IsoSpec lands funding for platform that identifies unknown molecules at scale

Identifying molecules in minutes, company targets the “95% unknown” molecular space to support development of new disease treatments and biomarkers. Swiss startup IsoSpec Analytics has secured $1.9 million in funding

Regeneron launches five-year $500m biotech fund

Biopharma giant commits $100m annually to Regeneron Ventures as it seeks to ‘fuel promising biotech innovation.’ Yesterday, as we revealed 2023 was another tough year for longevity investment, biotech heavyweight

Longevity investment hits $3.01bn in full-year 2023

Our 2023 report on the state of longevity investment drops today: the numbers, the sectors, the top deals, the key players and the outlook for 2024 Has the longevity industry

NeuroSense raises $4.5 million, partners on biomarkers for neurodegeneration

Biotech seeks exosome-based biomarkers of neurodegenerative disease as it readies for key clinical trials in ALS and Alzheimer’s. Clinical stage biopharma NeuroSense Therapeutics has joined forces with multinational pharmaceutical manufacturing

Founders Forum and Longevity.Technology join forces to accelerate longevity investment

New international event program launches to bring longevity entrepreneurs and investors together. Founders Forum and Longevity.Technology today announced the launch of the Founders Longevity Forum, a premier event series designed

Varda blasts off with $90m to advance space drug manufacturing program

Startup claims drug production in microgravity means biopharma companies can develop unique formulations not possible on Earth. Space manufacturing startup Varda Space Industries has closed a $90 million Series B