Epigenetic testing – promoting healthy longevity with Erin Sharoni, FOXO Technologies

Erin Sharoni of FOXO on using epigenetic testing to optimise longevity and wellbeing.

Biotech company FOXO is aiming to make longevity science fundamental to life insurance by applying epigenetic science and AI to commercialise saliva-based biomarkers, and the company has recently appointed Erin Sharoni as Chief Product Officer of FOXO LIFE, a life insurance company that is powered by molecular health technology.

Erin Sharoni directs FOXO’s consumer-based health and wellness research objectives, which aim to provide consumers with a compelling user experience; with the worlds of epigenetic testing, personalised health and hyper-individualised insurance premiums colliding, we wanted to find out more about what epigenetic tests mean for insurance – and for longevity.