10 Fascinating tips you can do for your biological age

Things like diet and exercise significantly impact our health and how our body ages. 

Maintaining a healthy weight is the most beneficial thing you can do over the years. With some knowledge and determination, it is possible to control your biological age rather than letting time control you.

The following are 10 things you need to know about aging [1]:

The benefits of exercising regularly are amazing

Exercise has been linked with an improved immune system, improved mood, increased energy levels and many other benefits. It doesn’t always mean working out at the gym and running marathons daily. 

You can get the same benefits from yoga, cycling, swimming, or playing sports with your kids. Finding something you like and that fits your schedule is the key.

A slight weight difference can make all the difference

Being below or above your ideal weight can significantly affect your appearance and feelings. It may not seem like much but the smaller the difference, the better. If you’re on the lower side of your appropriate weight, aim to lose just over 10 lbs.

Everyone has a type string of outlets to express themselves. We all have our favorite turn-ons, our preferred way to relax. 

But what makes someone who they are? It isn’t always the things around us or even the people around us. It’s how we use those things to help define who we are.

The pieces of our identity aren’t always within our control, but they are things that can influence us for the better.

And, while it may seem overused, the more things you surround yourself with that are meaningful to you, the less difficult it is to make decisions that align with your identity. Knowing who you are helps you make sound choices for your future and gives your life meaning.

Staying healthy requires both diet and exercise

You should eat healthy food, but it’s also important not to overeat, especially sugar, which can hasten aging. Eating smaller meals more regularly will help maintain your blood sugar in check and your energy levels high.

Staying healthy requires both diet and exercise
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Mind and body can benefit from staying positive

Stress has been related to many health problems, including aging. If you keep the pressure under control, you’ll find that your body is less inclined to break down and it will be better able to fight off diseases.

Every day we are faced with these sorts of thoughts. It can feel like impossible things prevent us from living our dreams or achieving our goals.

It’s not simply what you think that matters. It’s how you think – if you feel negative about anything, take a step back and take a different perspective.

Be mindful of how your thoughts can affect your mind and body so much that they control your feelings. In most cases, how we think determines how we feel about ourselves and how we can change our future.

New scientific research shows that being mindful is the key to living a long and healthy life [2]. Science has proven that thinking positively is vital to living a long, happy life. It’s been confirmed that negative thinking can hurt your health. 

The concept of being aware of your thoughts is now promoted as a critical piece to health and wellbeing. These will help with stress, depression and anxiety. They make the mind slow down and make you more positive about yourself and your life. 

The benefits of having a positive outlook are simply outstanding:

  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction
  • Thought Field Therapy
  • Meditation

Mindfulness can have a major impact on your life and wellbeing

The mind can either be our best friend or our worst enemy. Keeping our minds on the past or worrying about the future only accelerates aging. Taking time for yourself each day and learning how to be in the moment is essential.

Your diet should be made up of wise choices

The food we eat is as important as how we choose it. Your body is like a machine. If you put good stuff into it, it will work better and for longer.

Food high in sugar, salt and bad fats will make you feel tired and sluggish and can accelerate aging and cause many other health problems.

The science of thought is a little-known fact about our minds that many don’t know. Our minds are our most potent tools, yet we often never give them a second thought. It’s time to change that because our thought processes are about to have the most significant impact on us ever!

It is all about how you think, how your mind works. If you want to change anything – to live longer, feel happier and lose weight. It all starts with a thought.

Unlike computers, your mind is the most powerful supercomputer on earth. It’s time that you stopped being surprised at the incredible things it can do!

Learning how to think is transformed into a science called ‘nescience’. This is the art of understanding how the brain operates and use it to our advantage. The science of thought has helped millions of people by allowing them to understand what causes depression, anxiety, stress, weight loss and more.

Alcohol is not your friend

Despite the fact that occasional drinking is okay, alcohol is more damaging than you might think. Drinking heavily over a long period of time can speed up the aging process and cause many health problems – even light or moderate drinking can be harmful.

It matters how you feel and what you think about yourself

It’s important to be kind to yourself and to know that there is no such thing as being perfect. It’s crucial to be mindful that while some things are out of your control, you can control your thoughts and feelings.

Simple! Just take a moment each day to remind yourself to take a moment to be aware of the present. That’s all you need.

The Collateral Benefits of Keeping a Positive Mindset: Do you want to live longer and feel happier? Subconsciously we all do, and you can use your mind for that too.

Learning to be aware and control your thoughts and feelings makes it easy to feel happy and optimistic. It is impossible always to be 100% satisfied, but you can increase your overall happiness. Small things like a good night’s sleep or feeling healthy and strong make us happy.

It matters how you feel and what you think about yourself
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The benefits of having an optimistic mindset are incredible. Research has suggested that positive thinking can help you to:

  • Achieve your goals and be more successful
  • Enhance your mental and physical well-being
  • Improve your relationship with others and yourself

Even thinking about this for a few minutes daily can help. Imagine being full of life and energy, healthy, happy and strong. Positive thinking is linked to lower blood pressure, heart rate, mood and immune system strength.

Weight loss and improved health are possible at any age

While it’s great to see the improvements positive lifestyle changes make when you’re older, you can get even more benefits when you’re younger. 

As mentioned above, keeping your weight under control is essential. Steady weight loss over several months is the most ideal way to lose fat and build muscle.

The rest of your life can be invested in helping others and yourself

You can improve other people’s lives in many ways, especially children who may need extra support and encouragement at home or school. You can also help yourself by getting involved with things like volunteering or simply spending time with friends or family.

It doesn’t matter how old you are. You’re never too old to help others!

While you want to make changes to be your best self, you also want to make fun changes.

Choose the changes that will give you the biggest payoff regarding lifestyle improvements. You can feel better, behave better and ultimately look better too!

When it comes time to start making these changes, make just one change each day. Slowing down the aging process to regain some of the years we lost is possible. 

Despite the challenges, it is worth it. Taking control of your life and letting yourself age gracefully is now easier than ever.

[1] https://medium.com/@savytecharticles/staying-young-10-ideas-on-how-you-can-control-your-biological-age-dd4cd210954e
[2] https://www.apa.org/monitor/2012/07-08/ce-corner

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