A celebrity fitness coach shares tips for staying fit and active

Behind every successful sports personality and celebrity is a trainer who pushes them to reach their potential. Want to know their secret?

Meet Gunnar Peterson, an American personal trainer, entrepreneur and author  best known for his work with celebrities and professional athletes. Besides speaking and developing fitness equipment with a focus on functional training, he is also a strength and fitness program creator.

Practise what you teach

When it comes to great role modelling, this inspirational leader has many recommendations for succeeding at life.

Peterson trains his clients in his premium gym stocked with every kind of fitness equipment and of course they get one-on-one time with one of the best trainers in the world. However, just because all that equipment is available to him and his clients, does not mean it’s essential for getting a great workout [1].

“My gym is Hamleys,” he says. It has anything and everything you could possibly need, “but I could do a whole workout with two cinderblocks and a broomstick, and I think any trainer worth their salt could as well.”

Getting a great workout doesn’t require much and, in fact, Peterson says you can get ready for life with just five exercises.

Peterson is regarded as one of the best – if not THE best – but it doesn’t mean he never encounters challenges. When asked how he pushes through them, he says he takes them one at a time. “I think about how I would want my kids to face them and I try to be the example.”

If you’re not physically active, this is your sign to (gradually) start adding it to your to-do list. Life is happening and we get it, the hectic pace makes it easy to disregard your wellbeing. Combined with Peterson’s fitness prowess and a healthy diet, taking vitamins and supplements can provide lots of long-term benefits for your longevity.

Tips for staying fit and active

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Supplement with MitoQ

In the 1990s, biochemist Dr Robin Smith and mitochondrial specialist Professor Mike Murphy created MitoQ at the University of Otago in New Zealand. They found out why antioxidant supplements like CoQ10 weren’t as effective at supporting health as expected and, despite successfully penetrating the bloodstream, why regular antioxidants couldn’t reach mitochondria efficiently.

To solve this problem, they created their world-first molecule  as the world’s first mitochondria-targeted antioxidant to empower individuals’ health and purpose. MitoQ is uniquely developed to address cell stress, allowing you to unlock more energy and provide faster recovery and healthier aging – allowing you to embrace life on your own terms.

Speaking about his own experience of taking MitoQ, Peterson says it makes a difference in his life so that he rarely feels like he’s dragging. “I feel steady and even all day long.”

A supplement tried and tested by someone who trains the best of the best

Answering how else MitoQ has made a difference in his life, Peterson expresses he tries to stay with the best of everything – which is probably why he’s been taking MitoQ now for almost four years.

“I take MitoQ because it aligns with everything else I do in my life – which is top shelf. I would rather have one thing of quality than two or three versions of something of a lesser quality.

“From a supplements standpoint, MitoQ is a cornerstone. It operates at the cellular level. If MitoQ is my foundation, anything else I do on top of that is just extra. But if I don’t have that, then maybe I’m working on a shaky foundation – and that’s not smart for the way I work,” he expounds.

“Since I started taking MitoQ, what I noticed is that my energy levels stay up. I didn’t notice it before, but I know now I’m pushing myself harder,” he adds.

“There’s a rumor going around that we’re all aging – I don’t feel it. Maybe it’s genetic. Maybe it’s MitoQ. Whatever it is, I’m not going to question it and I’m going to stay doing what I’m doing because if it’s not broken, I’m not fixing it.”

Is there any scientific data behind this?

MitoQ has been studied in more than 700 independent, reviewed papers including peer-reviewed in vitro, preclinical and clinical studies covering many health areas have recently been published to help benefit energy, exercise recovery, oxidative stress and more. It has confirmed inspiring preclinical impacts in different studies in isolated mitochondria, tissues and cells experiencing apoptotic death and oxidative stress.

Mitochondria are metabolically active organelles that produce ROS or reactive oxygen species. It has been accepted that ROS-mediated impairment to DNA stacks up over time and causes aging-associated phenotypes.

One way to increase longevity and slow down aging is to decrease ROS-induced damage or improve DNA repair [2]. A systematic study to gauge the output of MitoQ on oxidative outcomes linked to the aging process provided a statistically considerable decline in nitrotyrosine concentration, a product of tyrosine nitration mediated by ROS . It signifies that MitoQ may be practical in relieving oxidative stress connected to aging [3].

MitoQ has been included in 15 clinical trials. One of them indicated that MitoQ increases power outputs with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) exercise [4].

MitoQ, cellular energy and Peterson’s fitness strategy

Talking about empowering cells and how this plays a role in his fitness strategy, Peterson says it is 100 per cent foundational – “it’s from the inside out. I build from that.”

 For people who want to start a healthier life right now, he would advise them to “focus on your nutrition, focus on your sleep, manage your stress levels, make sure you’re training and take MitoQ as an insurance policy – why wouldn’t you do that?”

Everything starts from there – it’s a cellular level. “Think, how far back are you going to rewind this? From there, you’re building. I take MitoQ as an insurance policy.

“I think if I’m operating on the cellular level, everything else is going to be better. MitoQ helps me do what I do – all day, every day. It keeps my energy levels up. I feel strong,” he adds.

Does having more energy ensure you maintain fitness?

“Fitness is about energy. I can get up and meet the day and beat that day, that’s what I’m trying to do. I don’t want to be on the sidelines I want to be in the mix. A lot of people think their tank is on E. But it’s not.”

Keep your cells functioning at their best with MitoQ! This powerful antioxidant targets mitochondria, the energy generators of your cells, to help protect against oxidative stress and damage. Try MitoQ today and experience the improvement in your general health and well-being.

Advice for staying fit and active

“Life is all about energy. Energy in, energy out. I don’t ever let my tank get down to E. MitoQ makes sure of that!” Listing down ways on how to he takes care of his body (and how you should too), Peterson mentions the following:

  •  I keep my training on point.
  •  I make consistently good choices with my food – including cheat meals!
  •  I hydrate all day long.
  •  I use quality supplements – a multi as well as MitoQ daily!
  •  I TRY to get 7-8 hours sleep. I’m not there yet but I’m working on it!
  •  I actively try to reduce unnecessary stress from my life, even if I am imagining it!

After all, the overall effect of modifying your lifestyle, providing the physical activity your body needs and following a healthy and balanced diet, can show you the path to longevity.

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