Amazfit Balance Review: Is it a stand out in the crowded smartwatch market?

The Amazfit Balance, by Zepp Health, is a pioneering smartwatch merging cutting-edge technology with wellness. Aimed at fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals, it stands out as a holistic wellness companion. 

This device is much more than a timekeeper; it’s an innovative health mentor offering AI-powered mental and physical readiness analysis, body composition measurement, and advanced sleep and fitness coaching.

Its most distinctive feature, Zepp Coach™, personalizes fitness training, supporting over 150 sports modes and customizable templates, showcasing the product’s emphasis on tailored wellness solutions. 

Zepp Health, a leader in smart wearable technology, is renowned for its integration of sophisticated technology with user-centric designs. 

The Amazfit Balance, with industry-leading GPS accuracy and a partnership with One Tree Planted for environmental responsibility, embodies Zepp Health’s vision of blending technology with nature.

This overview introduces the Amazfit Balance’s unique blend of technology and wellness, paving the way for an in-depth analysis of its technical capabilities, user experiences, market comparisons, and an expert verdict on its industry standing.

About the Amazfit Balance

Technical specifications

The Amazfit Balance is a marvel of modern wearable tech, powered by Zepp OS 3.0. It boasts a large 1.5″ HD AMOLED display, offering over 200 watch faces for a customizable experience. 

The device includes dual-band GPS with route navigation and compatibility with six satellite positioning systems, ensuring industry-leading accuracy. Its heart lies in its AI-powered features, including Zepp Coach™ for personalized training across 150+ sports modes. 

The smartwatch offers Bluetooth phone call functionality, Zepp Pay contactless payment, and Amazon Alexa built-in, enhancing its utility. Its ultra-long battery life lasts up to 14 days with typical usage.

How to use

To start using your Amazfit Balance, first charge it and download the Zepp App on your smartphone. Pair the watch with your phone via Bluetooth. Navigate the app to customize settings, select watch faces, and explore various features. 

Use Zepp Coach™ for tailored workout plans, and sync your training templates to the watch. Engage in over 150 sports modes, setting the device to auto-detect your favorite activities. 

For optimal GPS performance, ensure clear sky visibility. Regularly update the software via the Zepp App to maintain performance and explore new features.

How does Amazfit Balance compare with other smartwatches?

In the competitive landscape of smartwatches, the Amazfit Balance stands out against its counterparts, the Huawei Watch GT 4 and the COROS PACE 3

While all three watches cater to fitness and health enthusiasts, the Amazfit Balance distinguishes itself with AI-powered features like Zepp Coach™, offering a higher degree of personalization in fitness training across over 150 sports modes. 

In contrast, the Huawei Watch GT 4 emphasizes aesthetic customization with a plethora of watch faces and bands, and the COROS PACE 3 focuses on endurance with impressive battery life and extensive activity modes.

Design-wise, the Amazfit Balance boasts a larger 1.5″ HD AMOLED display, offering superior clarity and interactivity compared with the Huawei Watch GT 4’s 1.2″ display and the COROS PACE 3’s memory LCD. 

Additionally, Amazfit’s dual-band GPS with six satellite positioning systems offers more accurate tracking than its competitors, a crucial aspect for outdoor enthusiasts.

FeaturesAmazfit BalanceHuawei Watch GT 4COROS PACE 3
Display1.5″ HD AMOLED1.2″ AMOLEDMemory LCD
GPS technologyDual-band, 6 satellite systemsSingle-band, multiple satellite systemsSingle-band, multiple satellite systems
Fitness modes150+ sports modes, Zepp Coach™ AIExtensive activity modesEndurance and sport modes
Personalization200+ watch faces, Zepp OS 3.0Numerous watch faces and bandsLimited customization
Battery lifeUp to 14 daysUp to 14 daysUltra-long battery life
Additional featuresBluetooth calls, Zepp Pay, AlexaMusic storage, Wireless chargingNight mode, ANT+/bluetooth

Struggling to find a smartwatch that keeps up with your active lifestyle? Discover the Amazfit Balance now and experience a seamless integration of technology and fitness.

User reviews and experiences

The Amazfit Balance has garnered diverse user feedback, emphasizing its performance, durability, and ease of use. 

Users upgrading from previous Amazfit models like the T-Rex noted significant improvements, particularly praising the Balance’s slim design, larger screen, and more user-friendly interface. 

The enhanced touch experience and seamless integration with smartphones for notifications were highlighted, along with an impressive battery life, often lasting over a week on a single charge.

However, users reported a learning curve with the Zepp app, citing its complexity due to numerous features. Despite this, the availability of multiple watch faces and personalization options were appreciated. 

The watch’s fitness tracking capabilities, including accurate GPS, pulse, and Ox sat readings, received acclaim. The built-in Alexa assistance, though limited in some functions, added to the overall utility.

Critiques included the sleep tracking’s accuracy, with some users finding it overestimates deep sleep, especially in the mornings. 

Additionally, the continuous heart rate monitoring at a minimum one-minute interval was seen as a limitation by some. 

Despite these issues, the overall sentiment was positive, with users valuing the watch’s extensive features, customizable interface, and exceptional battery life. 

The Amazfit Balance was often preferred over other high-end smartwatches, particularly for its combination of functionality, aesthetics, and battery efficiency.

Our verdict

The Amazfit Balance is a formidable contender in the smartwatch market, offering a harmonious blend of technology and user-centric design. 

Its strengths lie in the advanced AI-powered features, notably the Zepp Coach™, which provides an unmatched level of personalization in fitness tracking across an extensive range of sports modes. 

The 1.5″ HD AMOLED display enhances user interaction, ensuring clarity and ease of navigation. Additionally, the integration of Amazon Alexa and the impressive dual-band GPS technology underscore its technological prowess.

Go LongGo Short
Advanced AI features for personalized fitness coaching.Complexity of the Zepp app may overwhelm some users.
Large, clear HD AMOLED display.Sleep tracking accuracy needs improvement.
Exceptional battery life, lasting up to 14 days.Limited continuous heart rate monitoring capabilities.
Accurate GPS and health tracking.
Comprehensive smartwatch features including Bluetooth calls and Zepp Pay.

In terms of value for money, the Amazfit Balance delivers high-end features at a competitive price point. Its performance is robust, making it a viable option for both fitness enthusiasts and casual users seeking a comprehensive health and wellness tool.

For those considering alternatives, the Huawei Watch GT 4 and COROS PACE 3 are worthy contenders, each with their unique strengths. 

The Huawei Watch GT 4 offers aesthetic customization and the COROS PACE 3 boasts an ultra-long battery life, catering to different user preferences. 

However, for a blend of technology, usability, and value, the Amazfit Balance holds a strong position in the current smartwatch landscape.

Longevity.Technology scored Amazfit Balance at 23.5/25
Does the product do what it claims to do, and does it do it well?
Value for money
How does it stack-up with competitors or similar products or services?
Proven claims/science
How well has the company conducted or used scientific research and studies to validate its product/service?
Longevity specific
How applicable is it to the longevity marketplace and the daily life of a longevity enthusiast?
Ease of use
How straightforward is it for users to use the product without facing any difficulty?

Final thoughts

The Amazfit Balance stands as a technologically sophisticated and user-friendly smartwatch. 

Key highlights include its AI-powered Zepp Coach™ for personalized fitness coaching, a vibrant 1.5″ HD AMOLED display, and an impressive battery life of up to 14 days. 

While it excels in fitness tracking and smart features like Bluetooth calls and Zepp Pay, the complexity of the Zepp app and some accuracy concerns in sleep tracking are notable drawbacks.

This smartwatch is highly recommended for fitness enthusiasts seeking a blend of advanced features and practicality. It’s also well-suited for everyday users who appreciate a balance of style, functionality, and long battery life. The Amazfit Balance is an excellent choice for those prioritizing a comprehensive wellness tool in a sleek package.

Want to experience the perfect blend of style and functionality in a smartwatch? Get your Amazfit Balance today and step into a world of personalized fitness tracking and long-lasting battery life.

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