Are you a stress eater? These 3 superfoods will stop you

Stress eating is a typical response to life’s pressures, often leading to unhealthy food choices.

However, you can break this cycle by incorporating three simple yet powerful superfoods into your diet. These foods help manage stress and provide numerous health benefits [1].


A versatile superfood that can work wonders for stress eaters, it is rich in healthy fats, mainly monounsaturated fats [2].

Avocados help stabilize blood sugar levels, preventing energy crashes that trigger cravings for sugary, unhealthy snacks.

Furthermore, avocados contain a substantial amount of potassium, which can help regulate blood pressure and reduce stress.

Dark chocolate

In moderation, this is an excellent choice for curbing stress-induced cravings. It contains antioxidants called flavonoids, which have been shown to reduce stress hormones [3].

Dark chocolate also stimulates the release of endorphins, the “feel-good” hormones, promoting a sense of well-being and reducing the urge to stress eat. Opt for chocolate with at least 70% cocoa for maximum benefits.


Blueberries, strawberries and raspberries, are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that combat stress [4]. They are low in calories and high in fiber, making them a satisfying snack that won’t lead to overeating.

The antioxidants in berries protect the body from oxidative stress, while the fiber keeps blood sugar levels stable, preventing emotional eating triggered by sugar crashes.

Incorporating these superfoods into your daily diet can help break the stress-eating cycle and promote overall wellbeing.

How to include these superfoods in your meals

  • Avocado: Spread mashed avocado on whole-grain toast for a nutritious breakfast or add slices to your salad for extra creaminess and flavor.
  • Dark chocolate: Enjoy a small piece of dark chocolate (70% cocoa or higher) as an afternoon treat or melt it and drizzle it over berries for a delightful dessert.
  • Berries: Snack on a bowl of mixed berries, blend them into a smoothie or sprinkle them over yogurt or oatmeal.

In addition to these superfoods, it’s essential to adopt healthy eating habits and mindfulness techniques to manage stress-related cravings effectively. Avoid keeping unhealthy snacks within easy reach and instead stock up on these nutritious options.

Also, practice stress-reduction techniques like deep breathing, meditation or yoga to address the root causes of stress and prevent emotional eating.

Remember that while these superfoods can help control stress eating, it’s essential to maintain a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle overall. Regular exercise, adequate sleep, and stress management are vital to maintaining good physical and mental health.

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In conclusion, stress eating can be a challenging habit to break, but incorporating avocado, dark chocolate and berries into your diet can help manage stress and reduce the urge to indulge in unhealthy snacks.

These superfoods provide immediate relief and contribute to your overall well-being. Combining these dietary changes with stress-reduction techniques allows you to regain control over your eating habits and lead a healthier, happier life.


Photograph: DC_Studio/Envato
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