Beat the cold this winter: 5 Tips from fitness guru Falon Fleming

As the winter chill sets in, it’s easy to hibernate indoors and let your fitness routine slide. However, fitness expert Falon Fleming offers five valuable tips to help you stay active and beat the cold this season [1]:

Winter often tempts us to hibernate, a natural human response. If you can only manage three days of exercise due to the cold and the hassle of going to the gym, that’s perfectly fine. The key is to keep moving, even if it’s less frequent.

Per Techlifetoday, Fleming emphasizes complementing your summer gains. For instance, if you’re into summer running but find it challenging in the winter, she recommends transitioning to weightlifting. Strengthening muscles, ligaments and tendons can be vital for running when the warmer seasons return [2].

Winter presents an opportunity to try something entirely new. With summer activities like running and having a cold-weather challenge, Fleming suggests exploring fitness classes. Consider options like CrossFit, yoga, zumba or spinning.

Staying consistent can be challenging during dark and cold winter days, but Fleming provides solutions to overcome inertia. If you’re exercising solo, shift your focus from the workout’s difficulty to the broader benefits it brings, like enhanced mood and energy.

Alternatively, involve others in your fitness journey. Find a workout partner or join a group class for social motivation. Investing in a personal trainer can motivate you, as you’ve already paid for their services.

While the winter may confine you indoors, remember the value of spending time outside. Aside from vitamin D supplements, nothing truly replaces the benefits of being outdoors [3]. 

Winter sports offer an excellent way to embrace the cold, but even short outdoor walks can make a significant difference [4]. Improved ventilation and fresh air have been shown to boost cognitive function. 

Thus, periodically stepping outside to breathe in crisp, clean oxygen as part of your winter fitness routine can be immensely beneficial. Ten minutes of outdoor time can be a game-changer for your wellbeing [5].

Fleming’s insights provide a roadmap for maintaining your fitness throughout the winter season. By adjusting your workouts, staying warm, exploring winter sports, setting achievable goals and involving friends or family, you can keep active and beat the cold with confidence.

Don’t let the winter freeze your fitness aspirations – embrace the season and thrive in the colder months!


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