Biological age diagnostics: Deep Longevity and digital health

With the COVID-19 pandemic and the digitization of the modern world, an increasing number of people are turning to technology to take ownership of their health.

In our biological age diagnostics report, we took a deep dive into the longevity companies that are using tech to track the biomarkers of aging. So, how can digital technology help you take control of your health and longevity?

Digital health for longevity

The surge in technological innovation in the 21st century has made people more connected than ever. New tech is also providing innovative solutions to help improve health. Known as digital health, technology is democratizing and personalized health, allowing access to healthcare even in the remotest corners of the world.

Wearables, apps and trackers, powered by AI, help people to continuously monitor their health biomarkers, revolutionising life for those with metabolic conditions like diabetes, as well as those looking to prolong their health and lifespan generally.

Biological age diagnostics is a branch of digital health that tracks your biological age – your age according to your health status rather than your chronological age or how many years you have lived on the planet.

Different people age differently depending on genetics, lifestyle factors or a combination of both – known as epigenetics. Aging is a natural process that is unfortunately accompanied by an accumulation of cellular and molecular damage, leading to an increased risk of age-related disease.

The current health system focuses on treating people when they are ill rather than preventing them from getting sick in the first place. By tracking your biological age, you can implement different longevity interventions before you get ill. This will hopefully hasten the transition towards preventative healthcare from the current ‘disease-care’ system.

One of the most advanced tools available for tracking your biological age is the Longevity.Technology System Epigenetic & DNA Test. This test offers a comprehensive analysis of your epigenetic markers, providing a detailed insight into how your lifestyle and environment are impacting your aging process.

By understanding your unique genetic profile, you can take proactive steps to improve your health and potentially lower your biological age.

The insights gained from this test can guide you in making informed decisions about your diet, exercise, and overall lifestyle, helping you to stay healthier for longer.

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Chronological versus biological age

Deep Longevity, a spin-off from Insilico Medicine, is a leader in the biological age diagnostics field. Created in 2020 by Insilico’s Dr Alex Zhavoronkov, along with a group of AI-enthusiasts, Deep Longevity uses AI to predict peoples’ biological age and health. This gives deeper insight into aging than simply how many birthdays you have celebrated.

Deep Longevity uses a variety of blood tests, epigenetic, behavioral, wearable and imaging data to power deep aging clocks designed to track our ever-changing biological age.

“Biology of a living organism is a dynamic process with trillions of features changing in time at the atomic, molecular, cellular, tissue, organ, system, organismal and environmental levels,” explains Zhavoronkov. “And the best way to study biology is to track all these features in time at the highest resolution possible to understand the causality and the intimate interplay of these features.”

Deep Longevity has developed several ‘clocks’ to keep track of all your antiaging needs. By bringing together different types of data in these clocks, Deep Longevity’s technology can tell us a lot more about our individual aging processes.

Its aging clock technology quantifies the aging process and serves as a yardstick for antiaging interventions. Its deep-learning models offer insight into how to slow down each person’s aging trajectory.

“We have developed a very large number of aging clocks using multiple data types, many of them published, patented and tested in a broad range of applications. This experience allows us to tap into a broad range of industries such as healthcare, clinical, consumer, life insurance and even psychology.

“Our mission is to extend healthy productive longevity and we are developing a new field of longevity medicine, in which the objective is not only to prevent disease, but also to keep the individual as close to the age of optimal performance during the entire life span as possible.”

AI and antiaging

Artificial intelligence, or AI, makes it possible for machines to learn from experience and perform human-like tasks. Its potential applications in healthcare are endless. Rather than far-off visions of AI-powered robot carers, artificial intelligence is revolutionizing personalized healthcare today.

Deep Longevity’s first consumer product, Young.AI, helps people track their real biological age from the comfort of their mobile phones. Using the latest AI technologies, the mobile app provides powerful insights into your biological age that you can use to reverse aging and live longer. The AI interprets the users’ data to form a holistic health profile.

It then provides information and recommendations to improve health. Uniting doctors, hospitals and wellness centers in one central cloud platform, the app provides people with more health and longevity information than ever before.

Young.AI’s easy digital health app

In the current ‘disease-care’ system, regular health check ups do not provide enough information to benefit patients before diseases start. One solution is digital health, which can track users’ biometric data and calculate their biological age as well as track the effect of different interventions.

EHealth apps like Young.AI provides deeper aging insight, tracking Blood Age, Photo Age, Mind Age and Behavioural Age.

Young.AI’s healthcare service is simplified to four easy steps:

  • Discover your real biological age. Add data, like selfies and recent blood tests, to gain more insight about your health.
  • Access your personalized longevity strategy. Based on uploaded data, the AI algorithms will provide a personalized, science-based longevity plan just for you.
  • Complete your health to-do list. The app provides easy-to-do tasks that replace harmful habits with healthier ones.
  • Rejuvenate! Continuously track your progress in the app and upload more data to get more predictions.

On digital health: Introducing the Longevity.Technology System Epigenetic & DNA Test

In the rapidly evolving digital health landscape, innovative technologies are transforming how we understand and manage our well-being. Among these advancements, the Longevity.Technology System Epigenetic & DNA Test stands out as a tool that offers profound insights into your biological age and overall health.

This test examines various epigenetic markers, offering a detailed picture of your biological age. Understanding how your genes are expressed can give you valuable insights into your health and aging.

The results from the Longevity.Technology System Epigenetic & DNA Test are tailored to your unique genetic makeup. This allows for highly personalized recommendations on improving your health and potentially lowering your biological age.

Along with your biological age, the test provides actionable advice on lifestyle changes that can positively impact your health.

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