Biostarks: Decode your health

Take control of your health with this game changer for longevity enthusiasts, biohackers, athletes seeking performance and nutrition enthusiasts alike.

Get to know Biostarks

Athletes have relied on the Biostarks for years for athlete blood testing solutions. In response to the accelerating trend of personal health monitoring, Biostarks has now democratized these solutions, making them accessible to anyone who wishes to understand one’s unique biological make up.

Located both in Europe and the United States, the Biostarks laboratories specialize in mass spectrometry. The company provides a range of easy-to-use self-collection biomarker test kits.

Using their convenient online platform, Biostarks measures thousands of molecules in a few drops of fluid, providing uniquely intuitive health and wellness data.

Individuals can self-manage essential aspects of their health, nutrition and performance with their home biomarker test kits and laboratory analysis, available online and through select retailers.

The Biostarks advantage

Those who wish to better understand their health, wellness and ability to perform can benefit from Biostarks test kits and analysis.

Practical, actionable insights encourage Biostarks’ customers to become the heroes of their health and performance as they receive usable, objective data from the analysis of more than 30 biomarker levels – and have the opportunity to monitor them longitudinally.

Biostarks tests offer many benefits

Providing a general wellness overview: We need essential micronutrients for our organism to thrive. These micronutrients orchestrate our physiological functions to maintain our physical and mental health. 

Considering that we are what we eat, many people turn to Biostarks for a general overview of their biomarker levels. These in-depth, actionable recommendations provide a comprehensive wellness perspective by providing comprehensive wellness insights and specific corrections and alterations.

Achieving performance goals: Whether you are training for a marathon or starting a muscle gain regimen, ensuring your biomarker levels are optimal has multiple benefits. Biostarks tests are used in preparation, during and after sports to ensure optimum performance, recovery and injury prevention.

Changing one’s lifestyle: Diet or weight changes can significantly impact biomarker levels. In many cases, Biostark tests are used to monitor biomarker changes during lifestyle changes to ensure that critical insights and actionable recommendations are implemented.

Having a long-term perspective: Health, wellness, and performance data are consolidated over time through the longitudinal collation of ongoing results. Besides benefiting from Biostarks’ personalized and actionable recommendations, you can also track your progress and set your reference ranges (rather than general population ranges).

The Biostarks Longevity NAD+ test

You can soon measure hallmarks of aging (NAD+, senescence) and 30+ essential micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, hormones) in the comfort of your own home.

You can view your results in an easy-to-understand visual summary using your unique map, which includes all your biomarkers. Using the color code, you can quickly determine which biomarker levels are optimal and which ones need to be adjusted.

Why choose this metabolism test?

This test is easy to use and measures biomarkers vital for key functions like energy, sleep, focus and mood – ideal for longevity enthusiasts, athletes, and anyone who wants to optimize their health.

This is the easiest at-home biomarker test you will ever take. The kit includes everything you need. Only four drops of blood are required for analysis, ship it to our labs with the prepaid label, then get actionable insights on our platform’s secure apps.

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