Biostarks: Optimal nutrition and sports performance health data through easy self-testing kits

What if you could decode your health? Easily understand information about your body, health and wellness.

A suite of tests from Biostarks provide unprecedented information regarding your current biomarker level, along with personalised and actionable recommendations in an easy-to-understand report. This is possible thanks to their unique technology, a proprietary algorithm and an innovative, in-depth approach to laboratory analysis.

In addition, Biostarks will be releasing a Longevity At-Home Test Kit shortly; measuring NAD levels and more than 30 key micronutrients and hormones, it it shaping up to be the the ultimate longevity, wellness, and performance self-test!

The Longevity Test is currently available for pre-order, while two other tests are already on the market.

Sports Performance test

Improving your performance has always been challenging. The same kind of test used by elite athletes is finally accessible to all, giving you insights on improving your performance by optimizing your biomarker levels.

Optimal Nutrition test

You are what you eat, so learn how your nutritional habits affect your overall well-being and how to modify them for optimal micronutrient intake.

Longevity NAD+ test (coming soon)

Something exciting is in the works. According to Biostarks’ Indiegogo page, this is the easiest at-home biomarker test you’ll take.

This test can help you age healthily. With this test, you can have precise and reliable lab results to optimize healthy aging by monitoring key micronutrient, hormone and NAD+ levels.

Who should take the longevity test? Designed with everyone in mind, the longevity biomarker test measures a variety of factors. The test is simple to use and can be administered by adults of all ages. ‍

Whether you’re a longevity and biohacking enthusiast, a nutrition fanatic, a fitness enthusiast or just someone who wants to improve their health quality – this test has it all. And I was delighted to be able to roadtest the Longevity biomarker test ahead of its general release.

Find out how to optimize your healthy aging journey – TODAY

Biostarks nutrition test kit and sports test kit

Trying out the tests

The test kits were well presented and straightforward to use. First, I had to download the Biostarks app to register the kits. Using QR codes expedited the process – I had a few difficulties inputting a good password for the system (human error!), but everything went smoothly afterwards.

Biostarks longevity self test kit

As with other vendors, I have had to answer detailed lifestyle, diet, and medical history questions, but with Biostarks, it was easy. The app itself walked me through the process.

Biostarks: Optimal nutrition and sports performance health data through easy self-testing kits

The test itself was very easy to perform – the instructions were very easy to understand and I was very intrigued by the blood collection device, which is more sophisticated than the traditional blood spot test; whether it’s more effective technically, I don’t know – but I found it reassuringly professional.

Biostarks self testing longevity test kit

The process of receiving my return shipping label was very efficient. Once my test barcode was scanned, I received a neat FedEx return label.

In general, I was satisfied

My overall impression is that the Biostarks team have been optimizing their processes and customer service, which bodes well for the company’s longevity test. It would monitor senescence (over multiple tests, I assume) and rapamycin levels, which would be very useful if I were taking it. I look forward to finding out my results and improving my longevity outlook with Biostarks’ practical actionable insights.

Visit Biostarks to check out their new longevity home test kit.

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