CAROL Bike CEO on the REHIT approach that can dial back the clock on your fitness potential by over a decade

A healthy lifestyle is based on exercise, which is crucial in enhancing our quality of life.

Exercise regimes come in many forms, so choosing the most beneficial can be challenging. Due to its effectiveness and efficiency, REHIT, or Reduced Exertion High-Intensity Training, is rapidly gaining traction [1].

Carol Bike: A breakthrough solution for REHIT workouts

CAROL Bikes are revolutionizing fitness, offering a time-saving solution for people who want fitness and health benefits without spending much time on it. But what makes this tool so groundbreaking? Let’s look deeper.

How does CAROL Bike work?

A CAROL Bike workout is short but highly effective at its core. Users can achieve superior health and fitness benefits with only 10% of the time required for standard cardio exercises. 

Using just two 20-second sprints, the AI-personalized workouts are unique. These workouts can be easily incorporated into daily routines, regardless of age or fitness level.

The science behind it

Numerous studies have shown how efficient CAROL Bike is. According to a Western Colorado University study, CAROL Bike users improved their VO2max by 12.3%, almost twice the improvement of the group practicing traditional exercises. CAROL Bike workouts have also been linked with significant improvements in health markers, such as a 62% reduction in type 2 diabetes risk and a 5% decrease in blood pressure [2].

What’s more, it improves your fitness level. CAROL Bike can boost your VO2max by 12% in just eight weeks, nearly ten years of fitness improvement.

Ulrich Dempfl, co-founder and CEO of CAROL Bike, shares insights on REHIT:

“REHIT has been developed by scientists looking for the shortest and most effective and accessible way to exercise. Research has proven that REHIT is the fastest way to get fit with short workouts that fit into any schedule and have dramatic health and fitness benefits.”

What’s next for REHIT in pursuit of a longer, healthier life?

Regarding fitness and longevity, REHIT (Reduced Exertion High-Intensity Training) has a promising future. Growing evidence, like those surrounding the CAROL Bike, shows significant health benefits in shorter workout durations, so more people will soon adopt this method.

We can expect even more tailored and optimized REHIT experiences as technology advances. With the CAROL Bike, AI-driven personalization is just getting started. 

In the future, REHIT sessions may incorporate biometrics, genomics and real-time health data. The appeal of workouts offering maximal results in minimal time will only increase as society becomes more time-conscious.


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