Celebrity doctor reveals Hollywood’s hidden trend of stem cell antiaging therapies

A prominent cardiologist known for heart transplants and Hollywood clientele has unveiled a growing trend in celebrity circles: stem cell injections for antiaging [1].

Dr Ernst von Schwarz recognized for his work at top medical institutions, asserts that stem cell therapies can extend life and roll back the clock on aging, yielding a youthful appearance.

Schwarz, who gained attention for predicting a life expectancy of 120 years through stem cell advancements, now suggests this figure could rise to 150 by mid-century.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Schwarz emphasized the shift from reactive to regenerative medicine over the past two decades.

Rather than merely addressing symptoms, regenerative approaches, such as stem cell therapies, aim to repair and rejuvenate damaged tissues.

Schwarz clarified that while stem cells aren’t FDA-approved for most diseases, their use has improved symptoms and quality of life.

Contrary to the notion of a magical injection or pill, Schwarz advocates for comprehensive lifestyle changes, including diet, exercise and regenerative medicine.

Despite media skepticism, he deems antiaging research immensely valuable, particularly in his Hollywood-based practice where many seek skin de-aging and reverse aging.

Stem cells, Schwarz explained, have notable effects on the skin, rebuilding collagen and aiding in the repair of epithelial cells.

Through angiogenesis, they enhance circulation by forming new blood vessels, contributing to healing processes [2].

Schwarz shared instances of celebrities undergoing stem cell treatments before events, attaining a noticeable youthful glow within days.

Stem cell injections, requiring repetition every 12-18 months, cost several thousand dollars. Schwarz attributes the prolonged effects to the stimulation of bone marrow, prompting increased stem cell production.

Notable personalities like Margot Robbie, Harry Styles, and David Beckham have reportedly embraced stem cell treatments, often in conjunction with microneedling [3].

Schwarz revealed that beyond aesthetic benefits, many of his patients, particularly men, opt for stem cell treatments to address sexual dysfunction [4].

Research conducted by Schwarz and his team indicated sustained benefits lasting at least a year with a single injection.

However, Schwarz cautioned potential patients to discern online information, advising consultation with experienced and trustworthy physicians.

He underscored the unregulated nature of the stem cell business, emphasizing the need for scrutiny regarding stem cell sources and hygienic measures.

In addressing criticisms of stem cell therapy, Schwarz advocated for oversight within the field rather than solely relying on FDA regulation.

Describing the current scenario as the “wild, wild west,” he urged patients to inquire about the origin of stem cells and hygiene practices to avoid potential risks.

This revelation sheds light on a confidential trend in Hollywood, where stars seek the fountain of youth through innovative medical interventions, with stem cell therapies taking center stage.

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Photograph: krushon/Envato
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