Does spermidine have the power to reverse aging?

Supplements with the active ingredient spermidine are linked with enhanced longevity and health.

To be taken daily to comprise a healthy diet and lifestyle, longevity supplements emulate the outcomes of fasting on the body and induce the cellular renewal process (autophagy). 

So how do spermidine supplements work and what are their impacts on the body?

What exactly is spermidine?

Spermidine is naturally occurring in the human body. It is a standard polyamine found in tissues and whole foods like green pepper, mushrooms and wheat germ – ingredients usually included in the Mediterranean diet. This is partly why it’s being linked to some longevity-enhancing advantages.

It has amounts in soybean products like amaranth grain and shiitake mushroom. Being on a spermidine-rich diet can raise your spermidine intake. Nevertheless, the best way to do this is by regularly taking supplements. 

The key to vitality is relatively simple and lies in a lifestyle that includes regular exercise and a healthy diet. However, longevity supplements such as spermidine can boost the benefits of a wholesome lifestyle.

Longevity supplements work on different pathways in the body to slow the process of aging instead of merely supplying nutrients to prevent vitamin deficiencies.

Spermidine supplements are available in powder and pill form and hold differing amounts of active spermidine and other autophagy-inducing elements like wheatgerm. 

Spermidine is a favourable molecule to slow down aging [3]. However, it will likely impact a small part of the aging process, such as autophagy. 

Effects of spermidine on the body

Unlike conventional dietary supplements that defend against nutrient deficiencies, longevity supplements like spermidine use active ingredients to operate on the different molecular pathways in the body that affect aging. Aging is defined as a collection of damage over time that alters the body.

These changes are also known as the “hallmarks of aging“, which consist of the primary hallmarks that bring about damage. These antagonistic hallmarks respond to injury and integrative hallmarks that are resulting phenotypes of aging.

Longevity supplements work on the tracks that control the hallmarks of aging rather than the effects of aging.

Spermidine improves the hallmarks of aging by causing autophagy, the function of cellular regeneration. It works as a caloric regulation mimetic (CRM) that simulates fasting results in the body [1].

This generates autophagy through the TOR kinase pathway, which regulates cellular metabolism and balances available nutrients when cells are under nutrient strain.

During autophagy, cells employ their impaired organelles to complete cellular renewal, which is believed to have numerous antiaging benefits [2].

Spermidine and longevity 

Spermidine is a favourable molecule to slow down aging [3]. However, it will likely impact a small part of the aging process, such as autophagy. 

As highlighted, other substances like fisetin, glucosamine and micro-dosed lithium can also induce autophagy.

However, given that aging is caused by so many different processes, it’s important to address as many of these processes as possible with other substances [4].

Benefits of spermidine to health and longevity

As spermidine tricks the body into believing it is in a fasting state, it induces autophagy, the process of cellular renewal is thought to bring various antiaging benefits.

During the process of autophagy, cells reuse their damaged and potentially toxic organelles to rejuvenate.

Autophagy usually transpires within cells as it regulates cellular metabolism. Still, it can also be accelerated with stress through exercise or caloric restriction as it performs to balance available nutrients for survival. 

The health and longevity advantages of caloric restriction through fasting are well known. However, since few individuals are determined enough to adhere to continuous fasting, its full health benefits can be wasted. 

Alternatively, CRMs like spermidine supplements can be used to mimic the fasting state and achieve the same health benefits without uneasy side effects such as prolonged hunger. By accelerating autophagy, spermidine supplements can unlock multiple health benefits.

For instance, autophagy is thought to defend against inflammation and oxidative stress and decrease the chance of developing and dying from age-related diseases (cancer, heart disease, metabolic disease and neurodegeneration). 

Spermidine supplements have the therapeutic possibility of preventing age-related illness and extending lifespan in older adults. This is a subject of increasing significance considering the global aging population.

Benefits of spermidine to health and longevity

Aesthetics of antiaging

In addition, spermidine can also improve the physical aspects of aging. Unfortunately, one of the most apparent signs of aging can be traced to wrinkles and fine lines on our faces.

The body’s largest organ, the skin, comprises diverse cell types, including keratin, lipids and sebum and acts as a defensive barrier against harsh external environments [5].

As we age, so does our skin, causing the unpleasant appearance of dryness, sagging and wrinkles.

Both external and internal factors are to blame for this, notably changes in cellular metabolism and hormone, as well as exposure to contaminants and UV rays.

Certainly, modern medicine has recognised the antiaging compound contained in semen as the polyamine spermidine – the production of which slows in our tissues as we get older.

Taking spermidine-loaded supplements can reverse this and encourage the outward appearance of youth. 

An additional human study proved the antiaging effects of spermidine on the skin. Alarmingly, bacteria are the most abundant skin-dwelling organisms that make up the skin biome. However, while some bacteria can cause issues like acne, others can have antiaging effects.

Spermidine produced on the skin by the Streptococcus bacteria grows the production of collagen, elastin and lipids in older skin cells, enhancing the skin barrier function and structure.

Significantly, colonies of Streptococcus were enriched in the skin of the study’s younger participants.

The mechanism by how spermidine does this is by triggering the transcription of genes that regulate skin improvement.

Daily spermidine supplements, as part of a balanced lifestyle, can improve holistic health and support unlocking antiaging from the inside out.


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