Elevant Insideout launches: Healthier skin and smoother joints with one pill

A new supplement from Elevant combines pharma-grade NMN with European-sourced hyaluronic acid to keep you feeling good and looking good!

Elevant has introduced a new way to slow down aging at a cellular level that has benefits for you both inside and out. Using pharmaceutical-grade NMN and European-sourced hyaluronic acid, Elevant’s new product, Insideout, targets skin and mobility – two of aging’s most visible problems.

All about Elevant

Elevant is no stranger to the supplements market. In 2021, Elevant successfully launched PRIME and OPTIMA, its first longevity supplements on the market (the first Elevants in the room, if you will). As part of its effort to differentiate itself from some of the run-of-the-mill supplements crowding the healthstore and internet shelves, Elevant focused on science, partnering with the world-famous Buck Institute for Research on Aging to create NMN-C®, a proprietary form of NMN that is purer and more effective than standard NMN supplements. As the only brand with a fully-integrated manufacturing process in Europe, Elevant strives to bring scientific rigour and pharma-grade standards to the supplements market.

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Making good even better

Now Elevant have launched a brand-new product innovation – Insideout – which combines NAD-boosting NMN-C with hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is synonymous with beauty products, but it can also play an essential function in joint health.

Our bodies contain hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring polysaccharide (long carbohydrate molecules). A major component of our skin, it retains moisture and plumps the skin, giving it a more youthful appearance (which is why it is so widely used in skincare). 

In addition, it acts as a lubricant and shock absorber in joints, as well as a wound healer and tissue repairer. Over 50% of the body’s hyaluronic acid is found in the skin and synovial fluid, a thick fluid that lubricates cushions and reduces friction between joints.

Aside from reducing wrinkles and fine lines, hyaluronic acid can improve skin elasticity, reduce joint pain and improve mobility, but as we age, our body’s production of hyaluronic acid decreases, leading to drier, less plump skin and joints. Using hyaluronic acid products can help supplement the skin and joints’ natural levels and improve their overall appearance and function.

Introducing Insideout

Elevant Insideout

Insideout is designed to nourish cells from within so they can look and feel younger on the outside. Combining hyaluronic acid with NMN-C can help maintain supple, plump and well-moisturised skin and ensure smooth movement of joints. 

It has been proven that NAD+ is responsible for 90% of cellular energy, including system repair, protection and renewal. This stuff keeps skin cells healthy, so they don’t age and it protects joints from inflammatory reactions by promoting cell growth.

Hyaluronic acid and NAD+ levels in the body decrease with age, accelerated by external factors such as UV exposure and pollution. At the skin level, it causes dryness, reduces elasticity and eventually results in wrinkles and fine lines. As far as joints are concerned, inflammation and pain can result from a lack of lubrication and protection.

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Insideout gives intensified and lasting results with its double action formula:

  • With Insideout, skin cells act as sponges and serve as a shield. At the same time, hyaluronic acid holds onto water to maintain skin moisture [1]. NMN-C reinforces cell protection against UV damage by restoring NAD+ levels [2]. As a result, the skin should look and feel better.
  • Insideout lubricates and heals joints, and hyaluronic acid helps cartilage and connective tissues [3]. NMN-C® reinforces bone tissue stem cells [4] and boosts NAD+ to activate anti-inflammatory properties [5], reducing pain by restoring joint lubrication.

Insideout contains 120 capsules per pouch, with a recommended dosage of two capsules per day. For added convenience, resealable, isothermal pouches give optimum product conservation and ease of use. 

To achieve long-term benefits, Elevant recommends supplementation for 60 days.

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