How to “Biohack Like a Woman”: Tips straight from Aggie Lal

In a lively exchange with our CEO, Phil Newman, Aggie Lal, certified nutrition coach, top US biohacker and author of the new release “Biohack Like a Woman,” dives into the essence of her work, shedding light on the intersection of biohacking and holistic wellness for women.

Aggie’s journey into writing her book stemmed from recognizing a significant gap between traditional biohacking methods and the unique needs of women. She aimed to bridge this divide by integrating cutting-edge biohacking science with an understanding of women’s intuitive cycles and holistic wellbeing.

Central to Aggie’s message is the importance of understanding one’s body. She emphasizes that with this understanding, genuine appreciation and care become easier.

Through her book, Aggie provides a blueprint for women to reconnect with their bodies, empowering them to thrive by comprehending their hormones, cycles and overall wellbeing.

Embracing the infradian rhythm

Aggie introduces the concept of the infradian rhythm, a 28-day cycle aligned with lunar phases that profoundly influences ovulation and menstruation in women. By syncing lifestyle choices with this natural rhythm, individuals can make transformative adjustments in diet, exercise and daily routines.

Tapping into this science, Aggie is developing an app to sync with a woman’s cycle, providing valuable insights for partners and colleagues. By understanding a woman’s phase, conflicts can be minimized and support can be tailored accordingly, fostering greater harmony and understanding.

The biohacking journey

Aggie and Phil reflect on their biohacking journeys, which began as responses to health issues resulting from neglecting self-care practices. Aggie emphasizes the importance of detoxification and addressing gut health issues, while Phil shares his transition from vegetarianism due to nutrient deficiencies.

Aggie discusses her transition from veganism, highlighting the nutritional benefits of incorporating animal-derived fats and proteins, particularly for women’s fertility. She emphasizes the need for personalized dietary choices based on individual DNA.

Biohacking tips for women

Aggie offers practical biohacking tips for women, including timing meals according to their cycle, gradually introducing fasting and prioritizing vegetable and fiber intake to manage glucose levels and enhance metabolic flexibility.

Dispelling misconceptions

Phil raises concerns about biohacking misconceptions, particularly its perceived accessibility only to the wealthy. Aggie counters this notion by highlighting cost-effective methods and emphasizing the simplicity of practices like cold exposure and barefoot walking.

Thriving beyond menopause

The discussion extends to women entering perimenopause and menopause, with Aggie emphasizing these stages as opportunities for thriving rather than decline. She cites examples within the biohacking community where women have embraced fasting and cold exposure practices to enhance wellbeing.

Looking ahead, Aggie envisions personalized health monitoring through mobile apps, providing immediate feedback based on blood analysis using AI technology. This shift could revolutionize health management, offering tailored solutions based on individual biomarkers.

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