How to fight hair loss with your diet: 3 foods recommended by experts

Hair loss is a prevalent concern and diet can significantly impact hair health. 

The Knowledge Doc Dr Eric Berg, revealed three specific foods you could try eating for this reason [1]:

  1. Organ meats, notably liver, are rich in essential nutrients like histidine, which is crucial for hair health. Histidine supports hair regeneration and enhances overall hair strength [2].
  2. Animal proteins from beef and chicken contain abundant histidine and other amino acids for promoting hair growth. Integrating these proteins into your diet supports hair follicle regeneration and enhances hair quality.
  3. Shellfish, including shrimp, scallops and crabs, provide high levels of zinc and copper. These minerals are essential for maintaining proper body ratios and supporting healthy hair growth. Zinc, in particular, aids in cell growth, hormone regulation and protein synthesis, all vital for hair health [3].

Incorporating these foods into your diet can combat hair loss and promote healthier, stronger hair. 

Alongside these targeted foods, maintaining a well-balanced diet rich in essential nutrients is crucial for overall hair vitality. Including various fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats ensures you receive a comprehensive range of nutrients beneficial for hair health.

Staying hydrated is also essential as water plays a critical role in maintaining optimal hair health. Adequate hydration supports the transportation of nutrients to hair follicles and keeps hair hydrated and strong.

In addition to dietary changes, other lifestyle factors can contribute to hair health. Managing stress levels, getting regular exercise, and practicing good hair care habits, such as using gentle shampoos and avoiding excessive heat styling, all play a part in maintaining healthy hair.

By making informed dietary choices and adopting healthy lifestyle habits, you can effectively combat hair loss and promote the growth of strong, vibrant hair.


Photograph: nikolast1/Envato
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