How to maintain muscle mass at every age for longevity

Achieving lifelong muscle health is crucial in promoting longevity. Doctor of osteopathic medicine Gabrielle Lyon provides valuable insights on maintaining muscle mass at every age. 

Per Oprah Daily, her approach emphasizes the significance of muscle in overall wellbeing and offers practical strategies for individuals looking to preserve their strength over time.

Dr Lyon advocates a personalized approach to nutrition, emphasizing the importance of protein intake.

She stresses that protein is a critical component for muscle maintenance and encourages individuals to incorporate high-quality protein sources into their diets [1].

Additionally, Dr Lyon highlights the significance of resistance training to stimulate muscle growth and prevent age-related muscle loss.

One key aspect of Dr Lyon’s philosophy is recognizing that muscle is not just for aesthetics but also plays a crucial role in metabolic health. 

As people age, there is a natural tendency to lose muscle mass, which can lead to a decline in metabolic function [2].

To counteract this, Dr Lyon recommends incorporating strength training exercises into one’s routine, regardless of age or fitness level.

The importance of resistance training extends beyond the physical benefits, as Dr Lyon also emphasizes its positive impact on bone health.

Weight-bearing exercises contribute to bone density, reducing the risk of fractures and enhancing overall skeletal strength.

This dual focus on muscle and bone health underscores the comprehensive nature of Dr Lyon’s approach to longevity.

In addition to nutrition and resistance training, Dr Lyon addresses the significance of adequate sleep in supporting muscle health.

Sleep is critical for the body to repair and regenerate – and insufficient sleep can hinder muscle recovery.

By prioritizing quality sleep, individuals can optimize the benefits of their fitness routines and promote long-term muscle vitality [3].

Furthermore, Dr Lyon challenges the misconception that aging inevitably results in a decline in physical abilities.

Her evidence-based approach suggests that individuals can maintain and even improve their muscle mass as they age with the right lifestyle choices.

This perspective empowers people to take an active role in their health and challenges the notion that frailty and muscle loss are unavoidable consequences of aging.

In conclusion, Dr Gabrielle Lyon offers a holistic and personalized approach to maintaining muscle mass for longevity.

By emphasizing the importance of nutrition, resistance training and sleep and challenging common misconceptions about aging, her insights provide a roadmap for individuals seeking to prioritize their muscle health at every stage of life.


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