Inside Bryan Johnson and other Silicon Valley billionaires’ pursuit of immortality

Silicon Valley billionaires like Bryan Johnson are investing heavily in research to extend human life and potentially achieve immortality. These tech titans believe we can conquer aging with the right mix of technology and innovation.

Johnson, a key player in this endeavor, founded Kernel, a company focused on developing advanced brain-machine interfaces.

Per BBC technology reporter and psychologist Aleks Krotoski, he’s not alone – others like Peter Thiel and Jeff Bezos have also joined the quest to slow down aging and potentially live forever [1].

Bryan Johnson’s vision

Johnson’s passion for conquering aging stems from personal experiences. He was profoundly affected by a family member’s struggle with Alzheimer’s disease, which ultimately led him to Kernel. 

This company works on brain implants that could improve memory and cognitive function [2]. In Johnson’s view, enhancing our brains is crucial to extending life and health.

The connection to Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is known for its groundbreaking technologies and wealth, which makes it an ideal hub for pursuing ambitious life-extension projects [3]. The tech industry’s mindset of solving complex problems aligns with to combat aging.

Johnson and his peers believe that aging should be viewed as a curable condition and that Silicon Valley is well-equipped to lead the charge.

Antiaging research

Many Silicon Valley billionaires are pouring resources into antiaging research. Calico, a Google subsidiary, is a prime example. Led by Arthur Levinson, Calico is devoted to studying the biology of aging.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s former CEO, has invested in Unity Biotechnology, a company researching drugs to eliminate senescent cells linked to aging.

Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal, has established the Thiel Foundation, which supports scientific endeavors that challenge conventional thinking.

Critics and challenges

While Silicon Valley billionaires are optimistic, they face criticism and challenges. Critics argue that immortality is unrealistic, while others worry about the ethical and societal implications of vastly extending human life [4]. Additionally, antiaging research is a complex field with no guarantees of success.

Silicon Valley billionaires are trying to conquer aging and potentially achieve immortality through technology and innovation.

With his focus on brain-machine interfaces, Bryan Johnson and others like Peter Thiel and Jeff Bezos, investing in antiaging research, are at the forefront of this endeavor.

While they face skepticism and challenges, their commitment to extending human life remains unwavering. The dream of immortality might still be far from reality, but Silicon Valley is determined to push the boundaries of what’s possible.


Photograph: Dustin Giallanza
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