Lifestyle of superagers: Longevity experts reveal their secrets

From meeting over 1,000 centenarians, here are some surprising things learned about longevity. Business Insider reports that Ben Meyers and Fabrizio Villatoro of LongeviQuest validate the ages of the world’s oldest people and share their stories.

Delving into the lifestyle practices of superagers offers intriguing revelations on achieving a long and healthy life. The experts have uncovered surprising tips from centenarians that may hold the key to maintaining vitality in later years [1]:

1. Social connections

Maintaining strong social ties is a common thread among superagers. These individuals prioritize relationships and actively engage with their communities, fostering a sense of connection that contributes to overall wellbeing.

2. Mental stimulation

The cognitive vitality of superagers is often sustained through continuous mental stimulation [2]. Whether learning a new skill, engaging in puzzles or pursuing intellectual interests, keeping the mind active appears pivotal in their longevity.

3. Physical activity

Regular physical activity remains a cornerstone of a superager’s lifestyle. This doesn’t necessarily entail intense workouts – consistent, moderate exercise, like walking or yoga, is frequently cited as a critical factor in promoting lasting health.

4. Healthy diet

Nutrition plays a crucial role in the lives of superagers. While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all diet, many centenarians emphasize a balanced and plant-rich diet [3]. Incorporating a variety of nutrient-dense foods contributes to their sustained wellbeing.

5. Resilience

Superagers exhibit remarkable resilience in the face of challenges. They embrace a positive mindset, adapt to changes and maintain a sense of purpose, factors that are believed to impact their ability to age gracefully significantly.

6. Adequate sleep

Quality sleep is a non-negotiable for superagers. Maintaining consistent sleep patterns and prioritizing sufficient rest reflects the recognized connection between adequate sleep and overall health.

7. Limited stress

Efforts to minimize stress are evident in the lives of superagers. Whether through mindfulness practices, hobbies or other stress-reducing activities, these individuals actively manage and mitigate stressors to preserve their wellbeing.

“Many centenarians are very focused on things that they have control over, but not very stressed about things out of their control,” according to Meyers.

8. Genetics and luck

Acknowledging the role of genetics, superagers often credit their family histories for their longevity. While genetic factors play a part, lifestyle choices and environmental factors still weigh heavily in determining the trajectory of aging [4].

9. Continuous learning

A commitment to lifelong learning is a shared characteristic among superagers. This extends beyond formal education to a curiosity-driven approach, where they stay open to new experiences, ideas and knowledge throughout their lives.

10. Sense of purpose

Maintaining a sense of purpose emerges as a common theme in the lives of superagers. Whether through meaningful relationships, contributions to society or personal passions, having a clear goal is seen as a driving force in their extended and fulfilling lives.

Unveiling these secrets from the lives of superagers provides valuable insights for those seeking a blueprint for a longer, healthier life.

While individual preferences and circumstances may vary, integrating these principles into one’s lifestyle could promise a more vibrant and fulfilling aging journey.


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