“Longevity isn’t the goal – healthy longevity is”

Jinfiniti is aiming to close the gap between lifespan and healthspan with biological age testing and supplements.

Modern medicine has vastly extended lifespan, or how long we live for. In the US, average life expectancy has reached 77 years [1]. However, it hasn’t been quite so successful in improving healthspan, how long we live for in good health. To fix this, we need a clear picture of how aging is affecting our health, known as your biological age. The longevity company Jinfiniti is aiming to solve the discrepancy between lifespan and healthspan by measuring aging biomarkers like NAD and cellular senescence – and offering the supplements to delay aging.

The aging problem

You only have to open the pages of a newspaper to get a sense of the growing concern around the aging population. By 2050, the global population of over 60s will surpass 2 billion. This is a 12-fold increase from the 1950s [2]. While this is a triumph for life expectancy that has been steadily rising over the past few centuries, it does lead to other problems. The most concerning being the reduced quality of life and healthspan experienced by the aging population.

Formed in 2018, Jinfiniti aims to solve this ‘aging problem’ by tracking changes in biomarkers that are the root cause of aging. This helps people to make informed decisions about their health and improve healthspan. Jinfiniti’s goal is to empower people using a ‘test-intervention-retest’ strategy. This helps people take control of their own health and is a move towards predictive, preventative and personalised medicine from the current ‘disease-care’ system.

The imperative for Jinfiniti is improving healthspan, not just lifespan. As Dr Jin-Xiong She, renowned scientist and Jinfiniti founder states: “Life isn’t about your lifespan, it’s about your healthspan. It’s about being able to outrun your grandkids. It’s about playing tennis until you’re 94 or beyond. It’s about feeling alive for as long as you live.”

Jinfiniti prides itself on providing the only NAD and cellular-senescence tests on the market, but what exactly are these biomarkers?

What is NAD and cellular senescence?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, better known as NAD, is a powerful molecule that the body uses to keep cells healthy. It is also an important biomarker that can be used to track aging. Unfortunately, our NAD levels decline with age and are thought to drive the aging process. Boosting NAD levels as we age theoretically improves healthy longevity, however until Jinfitinti, there was no way for people to test their NAD levels.

Cellular senescence is also an important aging biomarker and is in fact one of the nine hallmarks of aging. As we grow, our cells replicate and are replaced over and over. However, this process isn’t infinite and eventually cells stop dividing and become senescent. These so-called zombie cells neither divide nor die, and instead build up in the body causing damage and inflammation. Limiting cellular senescence through lifestyle changes like exercise or supplements can help reduce inflammation and the risk of age-related disease.

Testing your longevity biomarkers

Jinfiniti’s theory is that if we track aging biomarkers like NAD and cellular senescence levels, we gain the knowledge to make smarter lifestyle choices and improve healthspan.

“Age related diseases have a common set of root causes that, before manifesting as disease, result in sub-optimal health that can be measured, tracked and remedied,” explains Dr She.

Jinfiniti’s two main products are an NAD test and a broader longevity test called AgingSOS. AgingSOS measures several biomarkers including NAD, cellular senescence, inflammation, oxidative stress and others. The biomarkers are analysed using AI and users are sent a wellness index ranging from 0-100, as well as actions towards a healthy lifestyle.

Improving healthspan with longevity supplements

While aging is a seemingly inevitable process, there are lifestyle changes we can make to slow the affect that the passage of time has on our bodies. For example, both NAD and cellular senescence can be improved by various supplements, lifestyle changes and drugs.

One solution is taking so-called longevity supplements, designed to keep us healthier for longer. However, this industry is not nearly as strictly regulated as pharmaceuticals and the market is saturated with snake-oil products. So how do you know which supplements are actually effective?

Dr She sought to bring evidence-based science to the supplement industry. Rather helpfully, Jinfiniti also provides NAD supplements, or rather, NMN supplements. Directly supplementing NAD does not boost NAD levels in the body. Rather, providing the body with NAD precursors like NR and NMN can kick start the NAD production process, theoretically slowing aging.


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Photograph: Marcus Aurelius/Pexels

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