Metabolic balance: How this Monaco-based diet program is changing lives globally

Discover how metabolic balance, a holistic wellness program, transforms lives by harnessing the power of nutrition, science and personalized coaching to promote health, vitality and beauty.

In an exclusive chat with Hello MonacoSilvia Mischler, the Manager of Metabolic Balance International in Monaco, and nutrition expert Laurent Causse discuss the essence of metabolic balance and its profound impact on the body.

Metabolic Balance International, operating in 18 languages and 40 countries, is a nutrition program with a remarkable history. Initially developed by Dr Wolf Funfack, a German physician, its mission was to help individuals reclaim their health and vitality without relying on prescription medications [1].

Over the past 25 years, this program has evolved from serving the patients of Dr Funfack’s practice into a globally recognized medical-scientific approach to wellbeing.

Metabolic balance is far from just another dietary regimen. It distinguishes itself through a holistic approach that addresses metabolic disorders and chronic health conditions.

Notably, it delivers sustainable weight loss without the dreaded yo-yo effect, primarily by utilizing natural foods readily available at your local supermarket.

This program strongly emphasizes scientific evaluation, including blood analysis and a thorough assessment of each participant’s health status, pre-existing conditions and medication intake.

However, its commitment to personalized support and coaching sets metabolic balance apart. Laurent Causse emphasizes that more than providing a plan and expecting results is needed.

The journey can be intense, and questions inevitably arise. The program accompanies participants throughout this process, providing guidance and a foundation for success. This personalized approach improves quality of life, lasting weight loss and often significant symptom relief.

Health and nutrition naturally become critical topics of discussion. Laurent Causse underscores that nutrition has historically been medicine’s most potent tool. Nowadays, a significant portion of modern ailments, more than 70 percent, are linked to diet [2].

What we eat directly affects our health, impacting weight, mobility, fitness, and even our appearance. Moreover, a conscious lifestyle and healthy diet are crucial for aging gracefully, helping us confidently tackle age-related challenges.

Now, here’s the connection between nutrition and beauty. Laurent Causse explains that a healthy diet contributes to a more attractive appearance.

Our skin reflects our metabolic health, and no amount of expensive skincare products can compensate for essential nutrient deficiencies. Metabolic balance becomes a cost-effective, long-term beauty and anti-aging regimen when combined with a mindful lifestyle and regular skincare.

In summary, metabolic balance is more than just a diet. It’s a comprehensive approach to wellness. With its roots in scientific evaluation, personalized coaching and a focus on nutrition’s impact on health and beauty, it stands out as a holistic program that can transform lives [3].


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