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What are NMN and NAD?

NMN is a one-step precursor for NAD – the body converts the former into the latter.

Additionally, NMN absorbs better into the bloodstream than other supplements that increase NAD levels.NMN quickly boosts NAD biosynthesis, supplying a more direct path to aiding cell metabolism, resulting in improved energy levels, enhanced DNA and epigenome protection and boosted insulin activity. 

NAD is a coenzyme in all living cells. Vital for life, it catalyses more than 400 enzyme reactions, containing those involved in the assembly of cellular energy (ATP), which our body utilises to operate, develop and repair. In addition to its role in DNA repair, NAD plays a significant role in metabolism and immunity.

NAD levels deteriorate with age, with lower NAD levels connected to vitality and function loss and many age-related diseases. An insuficent amount of NAD has an critical role in no fewer than six hallmarks of aging.

By completing one test before taking the supplement and one test 3-4 weeks after taking it, our readers will be able to see how much they are moving the needle on their NAD levels. In addition, testing is the most effective way to determine your personalised dosage rather than taking too much or too little. Recurrent testing can help build a programme of specific interventions regularly assessed and adjusted for optimum outcomes.

How to win in the NAD Optimization Challenge? 

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Jinfinity NAD kit

Jinifiti will also give out additional 100 prizes to participants who were able to optimise their NAD levels. Each prize consists of three Accuri™ Vitality Boost (Retail value of $474) and a lifetime membership with discounts for future purchases. 

The first 50 prizes will go to participants who have the highest NAD levels but do not exceed 100uM. The other 50 prizes will go to participants with the best before/after supplementation improvement.

All about Intracellular NAD™ test

Intracellular NAD test results

Testing is vital to NAD Optimization. Jinfiniti offers the first and only NAD test accesible to consumers. The test is CLIA/CAP validated, has been used to test tens of thousands of samples, and is widely used by consumers and doctors to optimise NAD and improve patient care outcomes.

About Vitality Boost

Formulated in collaboration with Accuri™ Nutraceuticals, the Vitality Boost has proven to be the most effective NAD supplement to elevate NAD levels and provide significant physical and physiological benefits. Extensively validated by clinical studies,

Intracellular NAD increase by Accuri Vitality Booster
Exactly what those benefits might be is a process of some scientific discovery. New studies appear by the week linking NMN to fresh benefits including:

NAD and its importance for healthy longevity

When the body does not have enough NAD, DNA repair, sirtuins and energy metabolism are affected adversely. Without enough NAD, issues affecting epigenetic alterations, genomic instability, deregulated nutrient sensing and poor energy metabolism hurt wellness and promote aging.

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NAD decline contributes to disease. For instance, obesity is another risk factor for NAD deficit because it affects chronic inflammation, which causes DNA damage.

NAD deficiency is a common pathological factor of several diseases and aging like cerebral ischemia, myocardial ischemia, diabetes, cancer, metabolic, neurodegenerative diseases and other age-associated pathologies.

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