NOVOS product review: Getting to the Core of longevity

Aging is a natural process that comes with its own set of challenges. Key among these is the gradual decline in cellular function, which can manifest in myriad ways such as reduced energy, impaired cognitive function, and an overall decrease in vitality.

While age cannot be reversed, some products on the market aim to mitigate its impact at a cellular level. Enter NOVOS Core from NOVOS Labs – a comprehensive supplement designed to support cellular rejuvenation and counteract the effects of aging. Here is an in-depth review of the key aspects and features of NOVOS Core.

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Provides a comprehensive blend of 12 active ingredients.The product is relatively expensive compared with other antiaging supplements.
Targets aging at a cellular level, which may enhance energy, cognitive function, skin health and overall vitality.Individual responses to the supplement may vary.
Independent scientific studies have so far validated NOVOS Core’s claims.Subscription and dosage commitment may not be suitable for everyone.

About NOVOS Core

NOVOS Core is an innovative product from NOVOS that is engineered to tackle aging at its root: the cellular level. It comprises a formulation of 12 ingredients, all meticulously selected based on a large body of research pointing toward their potential to support cellular health and longevity. The objective is not just to extend life but also to enhance its quality.

Aging is the accumulation of cellular and molecular damage throughout our lives; this loss of function and integrity is categorized by scientists into 12 hallmarks of aging – 12 different ways our bodies fail on molecular, cellular and systemic levels. Our bodies work hard to repair the damage, but without help or intervention, biological aging is inevitable.

This is where NOVOS Core comes in; this patent-pending product distinguishes itself with its integrative approach to aging, tackling not just one or two hallmarks of aging, but all 12! It simultaneously seeks to promote DNA repair, optimize cellular function, and combat harmful oxidative stress. NOVOS Core’s comprehensive formula sets it apart from other supplements in the marketplace, and it provides a wide spectrum of benefits that may enhance overall wellness and vitality.

NOVOS Core product review

What’s in the packet?

NOVOS Core comes in a convenient packet containing a powder that can be mixed into liquid. It features 12 key ingredients: fisetin, magnesium, glycine, glucosamine sulfate, pterostilbene, L-Theanine, hyaluronic acid, Rhodiola rosea, micro-dosed lithium, vitamin C, malate, ginger and calcium alpha-ketoglutarate. Users can choose an unflavored version or an orange one.

Each ingredient is specifically chosen for its scientifically backed benefits associated with cellular health, damage repair, and longevity. The formula is gluten-free, lactose-free, and GMO-free, making it suitable for a broad audience.

How to use

The NOVOS Core packet is designed for daily consumption. Each sachet can be added to a cold or lukewarm drink – mix it with water, juice or even into a smoothie! Alternatively, pop it into your oatmeal or stir it into your yogurt. The powder provides 12 powerful antiaging ingredients in one daily dose. This daily regimen ensures consistent benefits throughout the day, bolstering cellular function and promoting overall wellness.

Is it worth the investment?

A box of NOVOS Core designed for a 30-day regimen costs between $79 and $129, depending on commitment (NOVOS offers a discount for those opting for a subscription model). Furthermore, free shipping is available for all orders.

Expert’s opinion

Dr Sarah Johnson, a well-respected gerontologist, appreciates the comprehensive and science-based approach of NOVOS Core. She admires the product’s blend of 12 active ingredients, each supported by extensive research regarding their antiaging properties [1].

However, Dr Johnson also emphasizes that individual responses to such a formula may vary and encourages users to observe how their bodies respond to the supplement. She also advises users to maintain a balanced diet and regular exercise to maximize the product’s benefits.

Personal experience and user reviews

Having written about NOVOS several times and interviewed the team, I was excited to try the product for myself; I went for the orange flavor and it is really rather nice! There is also an unflavored version if you prefer, and either way you can mix it into different liquids, but I am always trying to drink more water, so going with orange into water worked best for me. 

I found that after two weeks of consistent use, there was a noticeable increase in my energy levels and cognitive sharpness. Three months on, I still feel energized with more get-up-and-go, which is great as I am always busy! What I particularly appreciate is how much my sleep has improved; I feel more rested in the morning, like I have really had some quality sleep – this really leaves me in a great place for the rest of the day.

Many users report skin improvements, so for an empirical opinion, I took NOVOS’ Face Age test – easy to do, just grab a well-lit selfie and upload it. The algorithm works its magic and you receive a score by email. I am happy to report that my facial age is 8 years younger than my actual age, and my eye age is 19 years younger – result!

No significant side effects were experienced, underscoring its gentle yet effective formulation.

Other user reviews

Boosted energy and vitality

Many users have consistently reported experiencing heightened energy levels after starting with NOVOS Core. This rejuvenated vitality has not only been limited to physical stamina but has also extended to mental sharpness and focus.

Enhanced physical appearance

One of the notable benefits reported by users is the visible improvement in skin quality, hair growth, and overall physical appearance. Without the use of external applications like creams, many have noticed firmer, healthier skin and faster-growing, thicker hair.

Convenience and comprehensive formula

Users have expressed gratitude for the unique combination of ingredients in NOVOS, emphasizing the convenience of having multiple beneficial components in one sachet. This seems to be a game-changer for those who have been purchasing ingredients separately.

Positive long-term effects

Long-time users have witnessed compelling transformations, with some noting positive changes in their biological age and others mentioning continual use for up to 3 years with persistent benefits.

Trust in the NOVOS brand

The commendations aren’t limited to just the product itself. Many users have praised the company for their exceptional service, consistent quality, and pioneering research that underscores NOVOS’s product lineup.

Universal recommendation for aging well

The consensus among users is evident – if one aims to slow down aging and embrace enhanced well-being, NOVOS comes highly recommended. This sentiment has been echoed by both new and long-term users, making it clear that the product delivers on its promises.

At a glance

Features: Offers a comprehensive formula of 12 active ingredients. Aims to support cellular health and promote longevity. May help enhance energy levels, cognitive function, skin, and overall vitality. Gluten-free, lactose-free, and GMO-free.

Ingredients: Contains a blend of fisetin, magnesium, glycine, glucosamine sulfate, pterostilbene, L-Theanine, hyaluronic acid, Rhodiola rosea, micro-dosed lithium, vitamin C, malate, ginger and calcium alpha-ketoglutarate. All ingredients have been researched extensively for their potential antiaging benefits. The formula is free of gluten, lactose, and GMOs.

Cost: A 30-day packet of NOVOS Core costs between $79 – $129, with discounted rates available via a subscription model. The company offers free shipping for all orders.

Our verdict

NOVOS Core is one of the leaders in the field of antiaging supplements. Its comprehensive blend of 12 active ingredients, each backed by extensive research, sets it apart. 

Further, NOVOS has gone the extra mile by investing in scientific studies conducted at independent academic institutions and trusted research organizations to test out its formulations. NOVOS shares on their website that in vitro human studies have found very significant benefits for reducing DNA damage from irradiation and cellular senescence, and in a case study, 100% of participants maintained or slowed their biological pace of aging, with 73% of participants significantly slowing their biological pace of aging.

While individual responses may vary, the overwhelmingly positive user reviews suggest its potential for enhancing vitality, cognitive function, and overall wellness.While the price point may be higher than other supplements, so too is the number of number of ingredients and the mechanisms of aging tackled; the breadth of NOVOS Core’s formulation and the potential benefits make it a serious and worthwhile consideration for those seeking to enhance their vitality and longevity.

NOVOS Core offers a unique, comprehensive approach to tackling the challenges of aging. It stands out for its scientific rigor and focus on optimizing cellular health. 



NOVOS Core: NOVOS Core is scientifically designed with 12 ingredients, all aimed at supporting the 12 hallmarks of aging, based on research. It is vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and made in the US in an FDA-approved facility, ensuring high quality. The formula is also tested by a third-party laboratory for purity and concentration, which boosts its credibility.

Other Products: Other longevity supplements may not be as transparent about their sourcing, testing, or manufacturing processes. They may use filler ingredients or not be formulated based on scientific research. Not all supplements offer the third-party testing for purity, which may raise concerns about their quality.


NOVOS Core: The supplement stands out with its extensive blend of ingredients, each backed by scientific research to slow down aspects of the aging process. The formula is designed to be comprehensive, addressing the 12 pathways involved in aging, from DNA repair to inflammation to cellular senescence and more. The company also provides detailed information on each ingredient and its role in the aging process on its website, which helps to educate consumers about the product.

Other Products: Other longevity supplements may offer fewer ingredients, and these may not cover as many aspects of the aging process. They might not provide detailed information on how each ingredient contributes to antiaging, leaving consumers less informed about what they take and why.


NOVOS Core: At $129 for a one-month supply, NOVOS Core is relatively expensive compared with other antiaging supplements. However, the price can be justified by the formula’s comprehensive nature, having 7 grams of active ingredients per serving, and the ingredients’ high quality. The company also offers a discount for those who subscribe to regular deliveries, bringing the cost down to as low as $79, or $2.63 per day.

Other Products: Other antiaging supplements are usually cheaper, but they may contain fewer ingredients, offer less comprehensive coverage of the aging process, or use lower-quality ingredients. While they may seem like a better deal at first glance, they might not offer the same level of value as NOVOS Core.

Final thoughts

NOVOS Core emerges as a cutting-edge antiaging supplement due to its extensive and thoughtfully curated ingredient list, each aiming to address the 12 hallmarks of aging. The incorporation of natural compounds, scientifically proven to counteract multiple aging aspects, distinguishes it from many competitors. 

Such is the broad approach to tackling aging, that when the scientific community agreed there were 9 hallmarks of aging, NOVOS’s formula tackled them all, and when that was revised to 12 hallmarks earlier this year, NOVOS’ formula still tackles them all!

Furthermore, its commitment to quality and transparency, demonstrated by being vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and third-party tested, elevates consumer trust.

NOVOS has invested in scientific studies conducted at academic institutions and trusted research organizations to prove its benefits. As shared on their website, in vitro human studies have found very significant benefits for reducing DNA damage from irradiation and cellular senescence. Furthermore, in a case study, 100% of participants maintained or slowed their biological pace of aging according to the DunedinPACE epigenetic clock of Columbia University and Duke University, and 73% of participants slowed their biological pace of aging to a statistically relevant degree.

While the scientific formulation of NOVOS holds promising potential for longevity enhancement, it’s essential to understand that the effects of such antiaging supplements might be subtle and take time to become evident. Recognizing this, NOVOS has incorporated ingredients known to enhance skin health within just four to six weeks. However, it’s worth noting that individual responses can differ due to factors like genetics, lifestyle, and overall health.

Moreover, the price point of NOVOS Core is notably higher than many of its counterparts on the market, making it a significant investment. However, for those specifically seeking a comprehensive, science-backed approach to aging and who value quality and transparency, NOVOS Core might be worth the investment.

In conclusion, NOVOS Core brings an exciting proposition to the antiaging supplement market. Its comprehensive formula, commitment to quality, and transparency make it a promising option for those seeking a holistic approach to longevity. However, as with any supplement, it should ideally be used as part of an overall healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and regular exercise.


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