Product review: Bearaby weighted blanket

Bearaby weighted blankets are on a mission to provide you with deep sleep, peace of mind and a joyful feeling.  

Longevity.Technology scored Bearaby at 18/25
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  • Well made and feels fantastic
  • Heavy and takes up a lot of space
  • A good selection of blankets to suit your needs
  • Pricey
  • Clinical studies suggest there are many clinical uses for weighted blankets
  • Not enough clinical research

I spent the last couple of months using a weighted blanket to see if it would make have any effect on my sleep and quality of life. I have to be honest and state that as a cynic, I wasn’t entirely sure I’d fully appreciate the Bearaby in my life.

I tend to sleep exceptionally well, never struggling to sleep and very rarely waking up throughout the night. I don’t tend to sleep with anything covering me as I am naturally radiant and so get hot under a cover.

The Bearaby has a beautiful design, made of soft and breathable chunky knitted material with a variety of weights, styles and colours. I went for the napper, which looked beautiful draped over the end of the bed.

Whilst I knew it was weighted, I was astounded at just how heavy the blanket was. It came beautifully packaged in a lightweight material bag. Due to the weight of the blanket it can be a pain to shift around, but when in place you start to appreciate the logic behind it.


What I found

Once I had unfurled the Bearaby tree napper and placed it on top of legs and lower torso, I felt a sense of comfort I can recall only after a long day of exercise (a full rugby game), a large meal and a warm bath. The feeling of the weighted blanket was both peaceful and soothing, perfect for relaxing in front of the television or reading a book.

The 100% organic renewable eucalyptus pulp fibres feel wonderfully soft and uses 90% less water in its production than conventional fabric – so no need to feel guilty with this pleasure! – and provides a cooling effect.

Weighted blanket science lowdown (eiderdown?)

As you might suspect, there aren’t rafts of clinical trials on the performance of blankets. However, there is a scientific rationale behind the weighted blanket.

The pressure from the extra weight, which the user can certain feel, can mimics a type of therapy called deep pressure stimulation, as well as other aspects of massage.

By replicating this hands-on feeling, a weighted blanket can help to relieve pain, lessen anxiety and boost your mood [1]. There is all some evidence that points to massage and deep pressure stimulation easing the symptoms of chronic pain and osteoarthritis.

And it’s a given that getting proper, regular sleep and avoiding stress and anxiety can promote health and wellbeing, so if snuggling under a Bearaby makes you feel better, it will be good for your healthspan as well.

Your intrepid Bearaby tester says

Whilst the Bearaby was fantastic when relaxing in front of the television or reading a book, I did struggle somewhat to sleep with the blanket on me. As someone who radiates heat and prefers to sleep without a sheet or cover, I did find it a bit of a hinderance (however, that is just me!).

After spending some time with the Bearaby, I took it to my mother’s for her to use – she suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and so has regular spasms in her legs – and she loved it! She said it helped her to get to sleep, soothed her lower body spasms and it now holds pride of place at the end of her bed.

All in all, I would recommend everyone has a weighted blanket in their house for relaxation and a travel blanket for trips away. It may be heavy, but it’s my blankie!

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