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The new pocket-sized device to help you achieve calm anywhere, anytime. This device takes calming breathing techniques to the next level.

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  • Drug-free stress relief
  • Requires user to be committed to using the device in a state of panic
  • User-friendly application
  • Aesthetic, simple and compact design
  • Takes some getting used to

As someone who has always suffered from elevated stress and anxiety throughout periods of my life, I really saw the appeal of using a drug-free device to help me manage those times. 1 in 6 working age individuals experience anxiety-related stress at any one time in the UK, [1] so finding a portable device to help you get through your day-to-day life is ideal.

It is widely accepted that stress can be the source of many negative issues in life, from affecting physical health (for example, stress has been linked to a lower immune response), to psychological health (where stress can lead to disrupted sleep and an increase in depression and other mood disorders).

Managing stress is key to alleviating these risks, boosting our mood and helping our motivation and productivity both personally and professionally. In addition, the device is completely drug-free, making it a very attractive option for parents of stressed and anxious children. The device can be used anywhere, by anyone, making it a great tool for children to use to give them control over any distress they are experiencing, and to help them regain their concentration.


CalmiGo offers a simple, effective solution to daily stressors: a breathing regulation device smartly and aesthetically packaged, that can be carried in your bag to work or events. It is easy to use and works by multi-sensory arousal to provide an immediate state of relaxation. Simply exhale into the device slowly, following light and vibration cues, then inhale through the nose allowing you to take in the device’s relaxing scent. Its triple action effect uses breathing regulation, vibration and calming scents.

Together it targets three senses: making you visually concentrate on a light sequence, arousing your sense of smell and finally its sleek-feeling cover and vibration cues allow you to draw your attention to your sense of touch, creating a grounding effect and bringing you back to the present, granting you immediate relief from feelings of anxiety.

Although not always considered, stress and anxiety play a huge role in the longevity space, with increased stress levels linked to a reduction in both health and lifespan. Chronic stress can lead to the development of health problems or worsening of current health issues, contributing to cardiovascular disease, obesity and gastrointestinal problems [2].

Management of stress levels can help prevent increased health risk, highlighting a target for the longevity field for which CalmiGo have created a valuable tool.

The science:

CalmiGo has been backed by both academic research and clinical studies. One academic study consisted of a cohort of undergraduate students experiencing exam-related stress. A group of students used CalmiGo regularly for 3 minutes at a time and saw significantly reduced symptoms of anxiousness and stress in comparison with their peers.

This is because CalmiGo targets our sympathetic nervous system which is activated during times of stress or anxiousness. When we become stressed, our sympathetic nervous system triggers accelerated breathing, notably a shortened duration of exhalation.

This elevated breathing causes an increase in feeling a sense of threat and also an increase of cortisol and limbic activity in the brain, which translates to an increase in arousal and alertness.

Coupled with a decrease in PCO2 levels caused by hyperventilation, this can lead to the physical symptoms felt that relate to anxiety and stress. These include, most notably, dizziness, chest pain, tingling in the hands and feet, accelerated heart rate and nausea. Further, if prolonged, these symptoms can lead to several cognitive effects such as low concentration levels, fatigue, dissociation and poor cognitive performance.


CalmiGo combines three established anxiety management techniques: exhalation prolongation, aromatherapy and grounding. Exhalation prolongation has been proven to decrease distress and induce relaxation by balancing the PCO2 level; this can also alleviate the physiological symptoms of alertness.

Aromatherapy has also been used widely throughout history for its mood-altering properties. Aroma molecules have shown to influence human behaviour and physiology – this has even been quantified through EEG brain activity scans. CalmiGo uses this, alongside multi-sensory stimulation in the form of vibration, to allow a person to ‘ground’ themselves. Grounding is a therapeutic technique aimed to draw a person’s attention back to their present self, it has shown success in both anxiety and stress management and even children with ADHD helping them regain their concentration [3].

The combination of all three strategies into a single portable device makes CalmiGo your answer to regaining your daily routine by giving you a physical tool to combat day-to-day stress and anxiety.


I really enjoyed using this device; I found it easy and simple to use and definitely noticed a sense of calm in comparison with using normal, unassisted breathing techniques. Unfortunately, I am not the biggest fan of lavender, however CalmiGo does have two other scent options that I would be excited to try: peppermint, known for its focussing effects, and bergamot, a citrussy scent that has been linked to an uplifted, energetic feeling. While I would happily continue to use the device as a supplementary mechanism to help me deal with day-to-day anxiety, I found my overall mental wellbeing staying pretty much the same, still turning to exercise and more traditional forms of stress and anxiety management.

Although rather out of my price range (though do check out the discount code below), I do believe that an individual who is suffering with anxiety or elevated stress levels, who may not feel comfortable seeking professional or medical help would benefit from this device massively. Being able to have the freedom to calm yourself on the go is well worth it, and it could be a great comfort knowing you have a solution to anxiety ready to deploy.

Additionally, CalmiGo can be used in tandem with therapy; activating the parasympathetic system can reduce anxiety and stress, and as a result, some therapists recommend CalmiGo or other mindfulness techniques to their patients.

Longevity.Technology readers get a $30 discount off CalmiGo with the code longevity via this link.

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