Product review: Simba Sleep

To sleep, perchance to dream… why a good night’s sleep is of paramount importance to longevity.

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  • 7 layers of hybrid innovation
  • Quite expensive
  • Two unique patented titanium Aerocoil® spring-comfort layers
  • Takes up to 72 hours to fully inflate
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Could be too soft for some

Sleep is of paramount importance to longevity; research suggests that  regularly sleeping for less than seven hours a night can have negative effects on the cardiovascular, endocrine, immune, and nervous systems. Side effects of sleep deprivation can include obesity, diabetesheart disease, and hypertension, anxiety, depression, alcohol abuse, stroke and increased risk of developing some types of cancer.

I’ve slept on the same mattress for nearly 15 years, flipped maybe once in its lifetime, sporting all sorts of lumps and bumps, peaks and troughs. As a heavy sleeper, this hasn’t been a huge issue for me, however, having recently broken my back (along with my entire ribcage and a grade 5 ACJ separation) my trusty mattress was acting more as a torture device than a comfortable sleeping aid.

THE SIMBA Hybrid Pro Mattress

Enter Simba Sleep: specially-designed with Up to 10 layers of pure comfort for a lifetime of perfect sleep – doesn’t that sound lovely!

Upon arrival I was a little perplexed at the delivery method – a flat packed mattress, rolled up inside a cardboard box (that weighs an absolute tonne). Opening the box and rolling out the mattress, I was met with the strangest sight: a wafer thin mattress (or at least that’s what I thought). Once you pierce the plastic wrap and allow the air to meet your new Simba mattress it slowly starts to inflate and quadruple in size.

Once fully inflated the mattress is exceptional to mount. It has the comfort and softness of a memory foam mattress, without the inability to shuffle around. It has the bounce of a sprung mattress, without the lumpy nature. It is quite simply magnificent!

The science of sleep

It’s often said that sleep is the best medicine, and there’s some truth in that statement. A proper night’s rest recharges your mental and physical batteries, leading to not only a more positive mindset, but sharper focus, heightened alertness and better physical endurance.

However, it is estimated that around 30 to 40% of people experience sleep problems, with an enormous 70 million Americans and 45 million Europeans suffering from chronic sleep deprivation; in fact, sleep deficit has big impact on our physical and mental health.

In addition, recent research demonstrates that sleep loss is linked to accelerated aging and shorter telomeres and there is a large body of research that indicates that sleeping less than seven hours a night is detrimental to health and increases the risk of age-related diseases.

It’s clear that both quantity and quality of sleep are important; a good mattress could play an important role in improving both of these.

Your intrepid Simba tester says:

Whilst the initial cost is quite high, in my opinion it is worth every penny! The multiple layers combine to offer a soft yet supportive cloud on which to float off to sleep. Not only is the mattress comfortable, it is made in Britain, comes with a 10 year guarantee, dual spring layers (patented technology) and a 200 night trial period.

For those that are eco conscious, you can sleep well knowing that Simba mattresses use 100% recyclable material, all excess foam is repurposed and Foam in Simba mattresses is CertiPUR certified. That means free of heavy metals and dyes harmful to you and the environment. CertiPUR is best practice in the mattress industry, but Simba has gone even further.

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