Sock swap: Free midday mood boost recommended by podiatrists

During a busy workday, small actions like savoring coffee, having lunch and stretching can offer an energy boost to power through.

A viral Tiktok video featuring tattoo artist Tyler Nicholas from Pennsylvania has drawn over seven million views, highlighting his unique midday energy ritual: changing into fresh socks during lunch for nearly a decade. This practice, often overlooked, holds significance for foot health, as noted by podiatrists.

Per a Well and Good article, Brad Schaeffer, a certified podiatrist and foot surgeon, emphasizes the importance of sock choice in conjunction with footwear. Socks that offer breathability, cushioning and compression can significantly impact pain relief. The frequency of sock changes directly influences foot health.

Yolanda Ragland, a podiatrist CEO and founder of Fix Your Feet, warns that neglecting foot hygiene can lead to skin infections, potentially becoming systemic. Regular sock changes can prevent issues like Athlete’s foot, blisters and odor.

Experts recommend changing socks daily, though circumstances like sweaty feet, extended standing, or medical needs may necessitate more frequent changes [1]. Midday sock swaps offer benefits such as improved compression, mainly for compression socks that may lose elasticity throughout the day.

This is crucial for individuals with poor foot circulation or standing for prolonged periods. Additionally, changing socks can mitigate the risk of fungal infections caused by bacterial growth in moist environments. Feet contain numerous sweat glands and failing to change socks can exacerbate these conditions.

Antifungal products like Dr Scholl’s treatments can aid in containing and preventing fungal infections. Alongside fungal issues, nail fungus can be thwarted through regular sock changes and topical treatments.

Furthermore, changing socks curbs odor by reducing moisture accumulation. Moisture-wicking socks, primarily made from natural fibers like merino wool, can absorb sweat and prevent odor [2].

Incorporating a lunchtime sock change into your routine can improve foot health, reduce infection risk, odor control and overall comfort during long work hours. This simple yet effective practice underscores the significance of foot hygiene and its positive impact on well-being.


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