The Sheekey Science Show – Interventions Testing Program (ITP)

The Interventions Testing Program (ITP), funded by the National Institute on Aging, is testing different inventions to see if they prevent disease and extend lifespan in mice.

Sheekey Science ITP

The main goals are to provide preliminary evidence on compounds that have translational potential for human use to increase healthspan as well as to further understand the aging process through the protein targets of the compounds they identify as being effective.

Sheekey Science

Since the initiation in 2003 and the testing of more than 40 compounds, seven compounds have been identified to be extending the mouse lifespan significantly. However, this is to varying extents and some show sex-specific effects.

Sheekey Science

So, in this video, Eleanor explains the lessons we can take from the ITPs work so far, takes a look at their key principles (including their genetically heterogeneous mice, to ensure validity of their results) and then the compounds that have been shown to extent lifespan, have no effect or are yet to be published.

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