What is NAD+ and the best supplements to boost your NAD+ levels

NAD+ is a vital molecule that plays a key role in our body’s energy production and various metabolic processes. As we age, our NAD+ levels naturally decline, impacting our vitality and overall health.

In this blog, we will explore what NAD+ is, why it’s essential, and how you can boost your NAD+ levels with supplements. Taking control of your NAD+ levels can be a powerful step towards better health and well-being.

Curious about how to jumpstart your quest for longevity with NAD+ and which health supplement to take? Get to know more about the available supplements in the market from which you can choose. 

What is the role of NAD+?

NMN or nicotinamide mononucleotide, a naturally occurring molecule in all life forms, is the direct predecessor of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), an essential molecule required for life and cellular functions [1]. It is vital in forming NAD+ since the latter is not as bioavailable. 

In addition, consuming NAD+ straight in supplement form is complicated. That’s why researchers moved their attention to other molecules like NMN. 

As soon as it enters your body, NMN can be utilized to produce NAD+ through a biochemical reaction. Thus, increase NMN as the strategy goes, and you will elevate your levels of NAD+.

With this understanding, NAD+ supplements are in people’s regimens, particularly those looking for new practices to fight the beginning of aging.

How much NAD+ should I take?

The proper dosage of NAD+ depends on your current health condition and requirements, like the type of precursor the supplement uses. It can be reasonable to consult a healthcare professional about developing the right treatment plan. 

Most supplements will come with a suggested dosage level of 250 to 300 mg daily, typically equating to one or two tablets.

However, the dosages have been used between 100mg and 1,200mg per day. Larger dosages of up to 6,000mg have caused some substantial side effects.

Some supplements will incorporate just the precursor itself, such as nicotinamide riboside. However, some manufacturers may also mix it with other ingredients like antioxidants, which may have different effects.

What happens when NAD+ levels are high?

Here’s why raising your NAD+ levels is good for you:

What supplements increase NAD+ levels?

Recently, there has been a surge of interest in supplements for boosting NAD+ levels. Research suggests it can support your body in restoring DNA, strengthening immune systems, and stalling the aging process. However, people also take supplements for short-term gains, like increased energy levels.

When deciding between the various available choices, much will rely on your existing health situation and what you expect from it. In no particular order, here are some NAD+ supplements you could try:

Toniiq NMN

For those who like things straightforward, Toniiq comes in stylish black packaging and boasts a highly purified form of NMN of at least 98% purity. The black packaging isn’t just about aesthetics. 

Toniiq asserts that its black-sealed bottles block moisture, light, and oxygen to guarantee maximum potency is preserved. One upside of Toniiq’s NMN supplement is that it is shelf-stable and does not need to be refrigerated. 

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Tru Niagen NAD+ supplements

One of the most prevalent supplements available now contains nicotinamide riboside (NR). It is thought to be one of the most rapidly absorbed and most efficient NAD+ precursors available. 

It’s also FDA-approved with doses of 300mg of NR. The supplement has all the usual claims linked with NAD+: accelerating metabolism, elevating cellular repair, and cellular energy production to enhance overall health and well-being. 

Taken over time, it should have a favorable influence on your health and may protect you against the onset of long-term disease. What makes it so famous, if based on online reviews, is that it can have a more instantaneous result by boosting your energy levels. 

It improves internal functions, hopefully increasing your chances of a longer life and making you feel healthier and happier in the short term. In a world where we prize immediate results, it sells so well.

Tru Niagen NAD+ supplements

These are just a selection of the leading and latest NAD+ supplements available now and shouldn’t be taken as a definitive list of what should be considered ‘best.’

That calculation can be highly subjective and disputable, and it will depend on all sorts of parameters, especially the outcomes you’re looking to achieve. 

Some will gradually make you feel better in the long term, and others will immediately improve your health and well-being. When deciding, you should always examine the ingredients to see what’s in those capsules, which might reduce their effectiveness. 

Each will make similar claims, so often, the only way to decipher between them will be to look at how honest they are about their ingredients and any supporting study or information they have to back up their claims.

Note again that the ideal dose level will depend significantly on the type of supplement you’re taking and the result you’re looking for – though this will be a personal choice.

Supplements may have various impacts on different individuals. Commonly speaking, sticking to the instructed dose on the bottle will be safe and satisfactory.

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Optima from Elevant

Elevant came out with its latest supplement created to boost NAD+ levels, Optima. It contains a high-purity form of nicotinamide mononucleotide, NMN-C.

According to the company, it “works within cells to support cognitive function, maintain daylong energy and focus, and promote balanced mood and quality sleep.” 

It comes in a convenient chewable form, which the company says has been optimized to keep you feeling refreshed and energized all over.

Its high-purity form caters to customers who are increasingly concentrating on the purity of NMN content. 

The market is full of supplements, each making bold claims, but not all of which have been tested. With a high-purity precursor, Elevant hopes to motivate customers who want their supplements to be as effective as possible.

The primary selling point for this is cognition and brain health, which they say NMN treatment has been shown to improve. They are, therefore, selling you both long and short-term offers. 

Optima from Elevant

The precursor to Optima was Elevant Prime, which boasted a highly pure form of nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN-C). It promises to enhance cognition and help you feel better and more alert while delaying the onset of long-term cognitive deterioration.

“For thousands of years, the human body has been creating NMN to fuel cells and keep us healthy,” according to Elevant’s chief scientist, Dr. Alessia Grozio.

“With Elevant Prime, we have taken the best of nature’s design and modern science to help people unlock many potential health benefits as a result of boosting NAD+.”

When purity and origin can be challenging to determine in the supplement market, Elevant says they bring a sense of clinical evaluation to the sector by providing clinically tested procedures to guarantee a secure and practical supplement.

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Closing thoughts

NAD+ is crucial for our body’s functioning, especially as we age. By understanding its significance and exploring supplements, we can potentially enhance our energy levels, slow down aging, and support overall well-being.

However, consulting with a healthcare professional before starting any supplementation is essential.

Lifestyle choices such as a balanced diet, regular exercise, and stress management also contribute to maintaining healthy NAD+ levels. A holistic approach to health can empower us to live a more vibrant and fulfilling life.


What supplements increase NAD+ levels?

Supplements like Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) and Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) are known to increase NAD+ levels.

What is an NAD booster supplement?

An NAD booster supplement is a dietary supplement designed to raise NAD+ levels in the body, often containing NR or NMN as key ingredients.

What is the most effective way to take NAD?

The most effective way to take NAD+ supplements is typically as directed on the product label, but consulting with a healthcare professional for personalized guidance is recommended.

Which vitamin provides us with NAD+?

Vitamin B3, also known as niacin or nicotinamide, provides us with NAD+.

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