What’s the difference between NMN and NMN-C and why is it important?

The precursor to NAD+, NMN supplements promise to delay aging and improve longevity. So how does it work?

Lifestyle habits like diet, exercise, and sleep can greatly improve health and longevity. However, this can be difficult to maintain 24/7 and many longevity enthusiasts are turning to NMN, a precursor to NAD+, that promises to delay aging and improve longevity. So what is this longevity supplement and why is the ‘C’ an important differentiator for NMN-C?

Elevant’s NMN-C supplement

A prime player on the NMN market is Elevant. This daily supplement contains a special purified form of NMN known as NMN-C to boost NAD+ in the body. This is produced as a pharma grade NMN: it is ultra-pure, highly stable and has shown to be more tolerable than other molecules that boost NAD+. NMN-C can prompt your body to function properly, promoting holistic health and avoiding age-related decline.

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Specifically, the team behind Elevant claims that NMN-C enhances cognitive function by improving blood flow to the brain, strengthens immunity by helping cells to better manage stress and damage and boosts energy at a cellular level.

Elevant recommends taking NMN-C daily:

  • Take Prime supplements in the morning for long-term action at a deeper level.
  • Take Optima in the afternoon to boost energy and focus for the rest of the day.
Longevity, or living for longer in the best health, is determined by a constantly changing combination of genetics, lifestyle and epigenetics.

What’s unique about NMN-C?

NMN-C is used in in-human trials, meaning it meets clinical levels of safety, purity and quality. With 11 clinical trials underway, NMN-C clinical trials appear to be the most extensive in-human NMN research program to date.

NMN-C is self-GRAS (generally recognised as safe) in accordance with stringent US FDA regulatory guidelines. The company behind Elevant manufactures in cGMP-certified facilities in Europe. Every NMN-C batch is tested for purity.

We recommend Elevant: a clinically-tested, high purity supplement that works directly within your cells to boost energy. Boom!

Sometimes it’s OK not to eat your greens – well, in this case anyway! Common fruit and vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and avocado contain a small amount of NMN. But you’ll need to eat 66 pounds of them to sustain your daily NMN demands!

Supplementing with NMN delivers a steady amount of the raw ingredient your body needs to naturally boost NAD+ levels, helping you maintain critical elements of your health. Elevant has the high standards of testing, quality and scientific rigour of any NMN supplement on the market – and can go a long way to helping you experience your best health.

The longevity lifestyle

Longevity, or living for longer in the best health, is determined by a constantly changing combination of genetics, lifestyle and epigenetics. The three most important lifestyle factors in ensuring you live a long and healthy life are diet, exercise and sleep. By changing these habits, it is possible to improve your longevity prospects at any age and starting point.

  • Diet. Altering the amount, type, and timing of the food we eat is one of the easiest and most effective ways we can improve health [1]. A recent study revealed that switching from a typically Western diet to an optimal diet of legumes, whole grains and nuts with limited meat is linked to an increased life expectancy of around 8 years! [2].
  • Equally, we all know how effective exercise is for improving health and longevity. Even 10 minutes of walking a day can make a difference. The trick with exercise is consistency. Sometimes, the hardest thing about going to the gym is actually getting there in the first place. Taking a two-pronged approach, by setting aside dedicated hours in the week to a sport or gym session, as well as integrating exercise into your everyday routine can help.
  • Finally, the resting state of sleep gives our bodies the chance to repair the damage from the preceding day. It is also integral to delaying aging, by protecting against inflammation and age-related diseases. So what is the optimal number of hours of sleep per night? Research shows that 7 hours is the minimum amount of sleep you should be getting. So be sure to prioritise at least this much in your busy schedule.
Along with these lifestyle changes, many people are looking for an added boost to their longevity. This is where longevity supplements come in.

Longevity supplements

Along with these lifestyle changes, many people are looking for an added boost to their longevity. This is where longevity supplements come in. Unlike nutritional supplements that prevent vitamin deficiencies, these special supplements work on the underlying causes of aging, known as the nine hallmarks of aging. This will theoretically slow aging, reducing our chances of developing age-related diseases and improving longevity.

While these supplements may make us feel better, it is more difficult to quantify what effect they are having on our biological age. This is the rate at which our bodies actually age, compared to our chronological age counted by how many candles are on the cake. We can track our biological age and the effect different interventions have on it by measuring health biomarkers.

What are NMN and NAD+?

One popular ingredient emerging on the longevity supplement scene is NMN. NMN itself isn’t so special; what’s important is the fact that it is a precursor to NAD+. NAD+ is a molecule found in every cell in your body and helps cells perform at their best. It is involved in several processes, including energy production, cell repair, and our sleep/wake cycle.

Unfortunately, NAD+ levels reduce as we age; by the time we’re middle-aged, our NAD will have dropped to half of our youthful levels [3]. This reduces our body’s ability to function, and has been associated with conditions like obesity, cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

NAD+ is found naturally in certain foods and is also available in supplement form. However, NAD+ supplements do not automatically increase the amount of NAD+ in your body. Instead, supplementing its precursor NMN gives the body the fuel it needs to kickstart this process. This will, in theory, improve the body’s basic functions and protect against age-related diseases associated with reduced NAD+ levels.

The science behind NMN-C supplements

Like any emerging market, the longevity supplement scene has faced several criticisms. The main one being its lack of science as supplements are less rigorously tested than pharmaceuticals. Also, while NAD+ has shown positive results in longevity studies in animals, knowing its effect on human longevity is more difficult.

Elevant has responded to this by holding science at its heart. Its NMN-C supplement was developed in partnership with longevity experts from the esteemed Buck Institute for Research on Aging no less, the world’s first biomedical research institution devoted solely to aging. Together with scientists from the Seneque Laboratories, they have developed what they claim is the first and only pharma-grade NMN in the world. With 11 human clinical trials currently underway, NMN-C provides a daily solution for the aging problem, and brings scientific rationale to the longevity supplement scene.

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