Wonderfeel partners with five-time Olympian, Jesse Smith

The former Captain of the US Water Polo team and Olympic silver medalist is on a mission to elevate athletic performance with Wonderfeel’s proprietary formula, Youngr NMN.

Wonderfeel®, a frontrunner in wellness biosciences, announces today its partnership with five-time Olympian, a silver medalist at the London Olympics, and the former Captain of the US Water Polo Team, Jesse Smith.

Jesse will join Wonderfeel as its official brand ambassador for Youngr™, the world’s first patented NMN formula designed to optimise cellular function, boost energy levels and extend healthspan.

Jesse Smith

“I am thrilled that Jesse, a true Olympic legend, is joining Wonderfeel in our quest to bring breakthrough science to larger audiences. This is particularly relevant because a recent clinical trial on runners proved how NMN plays a major role in increasing athletic capacity,” says Baran Dilaver, CEO & Co-founder of Wonderfeel.

Scientists discovered that runners’ performance improved significantly after taking NMN because it optimises oxygen distribution in the muscle tissue. They measured this by using the VO2 metric – the capacity of your body to use oxygen when exercising.

Wonderfeel Chief Medical Officer, Professor Andrew Salzman MD explains: “This is remarkable because you can simply run longer, won’t gasp for air, and will have fewer cramps.”

Jesse Smith was 38 years old when he participated in the Tokyo Olympic Games as the US Water Polo Team Captain, making him one of the oldest to compete in the sport.

“Being part of the USA water polo team for over two decades has allowed me to compete at the highest level for the majority of my life,” says Smith. “However, your body isn’t built to sustain the level of training required to compete as an Olympian as you age – and, the natural process of aging is certain.

“The recent discoveries around longevity science give me much optimism about breakthrough solutions, such as Youngr, helping athletes like myself enter the next stage of their careers in peak health.”

Launched in May 2022, Wonderfeel’s Youngr is engineered to target the root causes of aging, making it an ideal formula for athletes over 30 looking to optimise their training. Youngr’s patented formula combines NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide), the most direct NAD precursor (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), with ergothioneine, hydroxytyrosol, and resveratrol – antioxidants all found in Nature – to improve energy and cellular health.

Youngr was developed by Co-Founder Baran Dilaver, a former pro water polo player himself, alongside Chief Medical Officer and renowned biomedical engineer, Professor Andrew Salzman MD. By partnering with Olympian Jesse Smith, Wonderfeel hopes to bring longevity science mainstream.

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