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Longevity takes over Davos – and has Gstaad in its sights

Longevity was one of the most talked about industries on the streets of Davos during this year’s World Economic Forum (WEF), one of the largest gatherings of the world’s financial and political elite.

The Longevity Investors Lunch was the only satellite event focusing on longevity and rejuvenation during the World Economic Forum. Co-organised by Maximon and Longevity Investors Conference, the “Lunch” took place on May 25th at the Seehof Hotel with the goal of creating a platform for exclusive networking and sharing insights into new technologies and research among prominent scientists, academia, entrepreneurs and investors.

Longevity.Technology: The Longevity Investors Lunch served as a prelude to the Longevity Investors Conference, which takes place later this year, 28-30 September, at Le Grand Bellevue Hotel, in Gstaad, Switzerland. If you are thinking it would have been good to be a fly on that wall, you’re in luck, as we spoke to Maximon Founding Partners Marc P Bernegger and Dr Tobias Reichmuth who have been kind enough to share some of what went on.

The Longevity Investors Lunch brought together over 50 high level investors and key opinion leaders from the longevity field; the main focus of the event was on change and transformation of global health, innovative technologies and improvement of quality of life to create impact for everyone.

The two panels, moderated by Sanja Tomovska (CEO, Quant Biomarkers AG) covered new mega trends in technology and science for healthy longevity and shed light on the longevity investment landscape. The discussions on stage featured renowned experts and prominent longevity venture builders such as Matthias Steger (Founder and CEO, Rejuveron), Pascal Kaufmann (Founder and CEO, Mindfire), Thomas Nirnberger (CEO, BioFi Virtual Tissue Emulation), Collin Ewald (Assistant Professor, ETH Zurich and Founder of Swiss Society for Aging Research), Nathalie Giroud (Neuropsychologist, University of Zurich), Joerg Rieker (Founding Partner, Maximon), Patrick Burgermeister (Partner, KIZOO Technology Capital), Dina Radenkovic (Co-founder & CEO of Gameto and Partner at Salt) and Chong Yap Seng (Dean of NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine), Dmitry Kaminskiy (General Partner, Deep Knowledge Group).

Maximon’s two ventures: Avea Life and Biolytica also had the chance to share their success stories. Avea Life’s CPO, Sophie Chabloz, and Biolytica’s CEO, Robert Konrad Maciejewski, ended the event on a positive note, giving a peek into the entrepreneurial side of the longevity industry.

“We are very proud to be one of the first ones to bring the important topic of longevity to Davos,” Bernegger, who is also the organiser of the Longevity Investors Conference in Gstaad, told us.

“We are now looking forward to the Longevity Investors Conference, where we will have the opportunity to continue the important conversations we started in Davos and involve more longevity leaders on stage who will talk about important developments in the longevity industry as well as investment opportunities in the field.”

The Longevity Investors Conference is the world’s leading and most private longevity-focus investors only conference. It provides relevant insights into the longevity subject, expert education, investment opportunities and excellent networking opportunities in an exclusive location.

Reichmuth told Longevity.Technology that the motivation to organise the Longevity Investors Conference is clear.

“The longevity industry is highly attractive for investors,” he said. “We state a lack of education and information for investors and want to change this. While there are scientific-oriented conferences, a professional and global investor focused longevity conference was missing so far.”

The conference’s speaker list is already impressive and includes Eric Verdin, Nir Barzilai, George Church, Aubrey de Grey, Michael Greve, Alex Zhavoronkov, Evelyne Bischof, Wei-Wu He, Phil Newman, Simone Gibertoni and many more.

Longevity now ranks as one of the most significant forces shaping the global economy, opening multi-trillion-dollar opportunities to reshape societies, hopefully for the better. It has experienced an unprecedented advance over recent years, particularly with the discovery that the rate of aging is controlled, at least to some extent, by genetic pathways and biochemical processes.

It will be one of the largest, if not the largest investment opportunity in the decades to come.

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