1.25 million thank yous

Increasing readership is testament to longevity becoming mainstream – something to be celebrated and something for which we are extremely grateful.

July 2023 saw Longevity.Technology hit a monthly total of over 1.25 million unique users from across the world. If you wanted evidence that longevity is gaining traction, our audience growth is something to boost everyone’s confidence.

Longevity.Technology first hit the internet in September 2019 and since then we’ve witnessed:

  1. Infrastructure waking up to the idea that prevention really is better than cure, the launch of the world’s first human clinical trial in which aging will be specifically targeted (TAME) and the successful rejuvenation of cells using cellular reprogramming.
  2. The exponential growth of machine learning for both detection and drug development, aging clocks, wearables, epigenetic testing, biomarker monitoring and biohacking becoming mainstream, the enmeshing of crypto, blockchain, DeSci, DAO and longevity.
  3. The year longevity broke out – 2021 saw an investment peak of $6.2 billion.
  4. An investment peak of $3 billion for Altos in January 2022, who received this funding from several investors, such as Altitude Science Ventures, Foresight Capital Management, Arch Venture Partners (led the funding), and General Catalyst.
  5. We’ve catalogued over 701 longevity companies over 25 domains. The largest domain is Longevity Discovery Platforms with 122 companies, indicating that a hefty chunk of longevity companies are intent on developing tools and proprietary discovery platforms that can help with drug development or the discovery of therapeutic targets.
  6. Our monthly traffic hit over 1.25m users: researchers, investors, consumers, &c. Longevity is going mainstream.

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Phil Newman, Founder and CEO of Longevity.Technology says: “This milestone is a testament to the support of our investors and the hard work of our growing team, and I’m very excited about the balance of this year and the opportunities we’re looking at for 2024. We are going to move deeply into consumer-focused longevity content, while continuing to bring our readers the latest longevity news, developments and interviews.

“Our work on the B2B side of the industry continues to be a key focus for us, and although the space is challenged by a lack of equity investment, this won’t last forever – we’ll be ready and waiting for the inevitable upswing, and will meet it even bigger and stronger that we are today.”

Over the years we have garnered the support from many of the big hitters in the growing longevity market; in fact, Dr Alex Zhavoronkov, Founder, Executive Director and CEO of Insilico Medicine described us as “the Bloomberg of the emerging longevity industry.” (More from him later.)

On hearing the news that we have passed the milestone of 1.25 million unique users, Dr Aubrey de Grey, President & Chief Science Officer of the Longevity Escape Velocity Foundation, said: “Longevity.Technology is providing an invaluable service to the burgeoning community working to keep people healthy as they get older. It richly deserves its success.”

Clear, engaging reporting and features lie at the heart of our ethos, and we are delighted 1.25 million of you feel the same way! The industry is moving fast, and the benefit we provide is appreciated by readers and companies alike.

Liz Hancock, Head of Brand & Communication at MitoQ, told us that as well as appreciating our reporting of the company, MitoQ values us as a source of information.

“Longevity is a cutting-edge segment in growth within the already fast-paced healthcare industry,” she says. “As a company working within that, it can be incredibly difficult to keep abreast of all the news and developments that are happening. We find Longevity Technology a super useful tool for well-researched, scientifically-based news, information and inspiration, as well as making us feel like we’re part of an exciting movement within the industry and wider society.”

Our success echoes the growing successes of the longevity industry. What was once deemed a far-fetched pipedream is now becoming a reality, and that eyes are opening and our readership increasing comes as no surprise to Dr James Peyer, CEO of Cambrian Biopharma, who says that the study of aging is maturing fast, moving from an academic backwater to a major academic discipline.

“And that maturation is paired with the opportunity to create an entirely new class of therapy that ten years ago most drug developers would have thought impossible: safe, effective preventatives medicines that have the potential to treat and delay today’s most devastating diseases,” he told Longevity.Technology. “It’s no wonder the broader drug development and investment industry are waking up to the longevity field now that the promise is becoming real and hypotheses are being tested in the clinic.”

Celebrating our achievement, Marc P Bernegger Founding Partner at the longevity company builder Maximon, told us it goes hand-in-hand with the fast evolution of the longevity industry and also the widening accessibility of the space.

“I personally really like the fact that it is becoming more accessible,” he told us. “In the past, longevity interventions were often prohibitively expensive or only available to a small number of people. However, as the industry continues to grow, we are seeing a trend towards more affordable and accessible interventions. This is being driven by a number of factors, including the development of new technologies, the increasing availability of data, and the growing public interest in longevity. We are very proud to be part of these developments with Maximon and our longevity ventures.”

For Alex Zhavoronkov, while the world is witnessing a revolution in many areas of science and technology, the interventions that might dramatically increase human life still remain elusive – for now.

“However, as more and more people rise above that level where most of their needs can be satisfied, more people realize that the only thing they can not buy is more time free of disease,” he told Longevity.Technology. “This increases the level of interest in longevity, and the longevity biotechnology industry is finally taking shape.”

Zhavoronkov makes the point that just as Longevity.Technology has grown in readership, ARDD – a conference he helped found a decade years ago – has also increased its audience.

“10 years ago, ARDD had one or two startups presenting at the first one. Today, the ARDD now attracts dozens of longevity biotechnology startups that also sponsor the conference. Some of the startups already have the potentially-life extending drugs in human clinical trials. There are multiple VCs specializing in longevity, educational courses on both longevity medicine and investing, and pharmaceutical companies setting up aging research platforms hoping to discover potentially-blockbuster drugs. We are witnessing the birth of the longevity biotechnology industry. All we need right now is global peace and steady economic growth – for longevity technology, the future is bright!”

Whether you’ve just joined us on this longevity journey or are wide-awake and excited about the myriad possibilities, we’ll be here document, to explore and to record.

A big thank you to you, our loyal reader, and we look forward to the sunlit uplands of extended, healthy lifespans for all!

With thanks
Phil Newman, CEO and Founder, and all the team at Longevity.Technology