60 new Biotech and Agetech start-ups to join showcase

Applications open for the Longevity Leaders World Congress start-up showcase.

The Longevity sector is in part characterised by the emergence of two exciting classes of start-up. One is the emerging Agetech sector which is growing in value. When we connected with venture capitalist Dominic Endicott he forecasted that it will double to $2 Trillion by 2025 and be led by the likes of Apple and Amazon.

But it is not only the big players that are leading this sector, it is increasingly becoming populated by entrepreneurs who want to offer more choice in later life and facilitate “aging well” for themselves, their parents and even their children.

As our understanding of how we age at a biological level deepens, so does the emergence of innovative biotech companies looking to translate basic research into viable interventions to treat disease upstream, and potentially even aging as a disease in itself; driven by new discoveries in areas like cell senescence, mitochondrial activity and genetics.

With this in mind the Longevity Leaders World Congress is giving sixty aspiring Biotech and Agetech entrepreneurs the chance to present their work during the conference, 21-22nd April 2020, as part of the Biotech Showcase and the Life Lab Age Tech Showcase that run alongside the main programme. This is a great opportunity for new-starters to raise their profile, present their ideas and get their start-ups under the noses of corporate partners and potential investors like James Peyer from Kronos Bioventures (see main image).

“…Longevity Leaders World Congress is giving sixty aspiring biotech and AgeTech entrepreneurs the chance to present their work…”

Applications are now open and close on Friday 13th December. Each application will be assessed by an investor Selection Committee, guaranteeing exposure to potential partners just by applying. Sixty applicants will then be invited to present at the congress.
Selection criteria, application documents and further details are available at: https://www.lsxleaders.com/longevity-leaders-congress/showcase-presentation