9th ARDD packed with more than 70 leaders in aging and longevity

Leaders in the aging and longevity field will describe the latest progress in the molecular, cellular and organismal basis of aging and our search for interventions.

The Scheibye-Knudsen Lab, University of Copenhagen and Deep Longevity have revealed the longevity leaders speaking at the 9th Aging Research & Drug Discovery Meetingthe largest scientific academic, and industry conference that will take place on August 29 – September 2, 2022 on-site at the Ceremonial Hall, University of Copenhagen, and online.

Longevity.Technology: According to the United Nations, the proportion of people aged over 65 now outnumber children younger than 5. The enormous growth in the elderly population is posing a significant healthcare challenge to societies worldwide. New sweeping interventions for reducing age-associated morbidities and frailty will undoubtedly be key to reduce the health- and socioeconomic challenges that come with an aging society. Again this year ARDD has an exciting programme with global longevity leaders sharing their latest insights into aging and how we target the aging process ensuring everyone lives a healthier and longer life.

As ever, ARDD has an incredibly strong line-up, including Judith Campisi, João Pedro de Magalhães, Eric Verdin, Alexey Moskalev, Andrea B Maier, Laura Niedernhofer, Linda Partridge, Nir Barzilai, Vera Gorbunova, Marco Quarta, Morgan Levine, Brian Kennedy, David Sinclair and Martin Borch Jensen. The conference will be chaired by Morten Scheibye-Knudsen and Daniela Bakula of The University of Copenhagen and Insilico’s Alex Zhavoronkov.

Several of the longevity leaders involved have spoken out about the Ukrainian crisis, and ARDD is also doing its part, offering scientists from Ukraine free places at the conference,
“Despite pandemics and the shocking conflict on the European continent, the ARDD 2022 conference will be held in person at the University of Copenhagen,” said Morten Scheibye-Knudsen, MD, PhD, University of Copenhagen. “We are extremely excited about the program and the possibility of meeting friends and colleagues outside of Zoom. This year we are maintaining our focus on young scientists who will be the future of our field and we have a large number of speaker slots for these rising stars.”

“Many credible biopharmaceutical companies are now prioritized aging research for early-stage discovery or therapeutic pipeline development. It is only logical to prioritize therapeutic targets that are important in both aging and age-associated diseases. The patient benefits either way. The best place to learn about these targets is ARDD, which we organize for nine years in a row. This conference is now the largest in the field and is not to be missed,” said Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD, founder and CEO of Insilico Medicine and Deep Longevity.

“Aging research is growing faster than ever on both academia and industry fronts,” said Daniela Bakula, PhD, University of Copenhagen. “The ARDD meeting unites experts from different fields and backgrounds, sharing with us their latest groundbreaking research and developments. Our last ARDD meeting took place as a hybrid meeting and was a great success and we will repeat this model for ARDD 2022.”

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