A longevity journey: ‘We are amazed all the time’

The father and son exploring global longevity, inspiring healthier lives and investigating scientific breakthroughs on the horizon.

Marek and Alek Piotrowski are a father-and-son duo on a quest for longevity and radical life extension. The pair have embarked on a year-long trip around the world, investigating solutions that can help extend lifespan and healthspan and meeting up with longevity experts to gather a range of perspectives.

The duo are also documenting their travels and interviews, creating a film called Beyond Time about their longevity journey and discoveries.

Longevity.Technology: We met up with Marek and Alek Piotrowski in Singapore, and we were keen to find out more about their global expedition – an undertaking that should serve as a valuable contribution to the field of longevity research. Through their journey and interactions with experts worldwide, they are enhancing the conversation surrounding lifespan extension and health improvement. By raising awareness and facilitating discussion, the Piotrowskis are promoting a more informed understanding of longevity-related topics, ultimately encouraging greater engagement and collaboration within the scientific community.

Marek and Alek Piotrowski on…

The conference that sparked a vision

Eight years ago, I went to an amazing conference called Extreme Future Technologies and Forecasting in San Francisco. They were talking about the things that are going to change the world for better within the next 20-30 years. For me, it was mind-blowing. Usually, people think what’s going to be in five years, the politicians think what was 10 years ago. And there were people investing their time and money into the future. Then I said: “Hey, I want to be part of that. I want to be the one changing the world for better.” There was a lot about space exploration and also about cryonics and longevity; I got inspired and decided, first I need to have the longevity to make sure that I live long enough so that one day I will be able to fly to another galaxy.

Communicating longevity to all generations

First of all, I really try to inspire my friends mostly, but the movie is to inspire not only the inner circle but everyone my age, my father’s age, everyone. So the movie is our best tool for promotion, for promoting the whole industry. What I do now is I try to speak to my friends, to my peers, in human language, not just science. Maybe I understand science a bit more than they do because I’ve been to a few conferences, but they don’t, so let’s try to speak to them with simple language and make them understand.

Balancing hope and realism in longevity

I think we should give people hope. We shouldn’t say: “Hey, we can certainly say you’re going to live 500 years,” because the science is not there now. But what we can tell them is: “Just live healthy for another 20 years and let the scientists work on the breakthroughs so that in the next 20 years you will get another 20 years. This seems visible, and this is not talking science fiction – this is something people can feel.

I would like scientists not to say: “Hey, it’s impossible to go beyond 120,” because I’m sure it’s possible. Even Steve Horvath can confirm that. Let’s just not cut the dreams but speak the truth. Today, we can live to 120, but in 20 years it might be 150, maybe more. So let’s keep people hopeful.

The future of AI in medical research

One of the things was for sure us paying a visit to Insilico in Shanghai because the advancement in technology in their lab is just mind-blowing. Almost everything is operated by AI and robots – that was inspiring for me.

Actually, most of the people who speak about AI robotic labs and about Insilico, they think: “Okay, they will work on super amazing drugs or drug repurposing.”

Actually, my vision would be: “Hey, let’s have this kind of lab, AI robotic lab, in every research center, in every hospital, in every university, and let’s just speed up the research.” That would be amazing.

Pushing the envelope

The other thing is that a lot of radical life extension tools – some are be coming, some of them are already here, like gene therapies, but they are not yet available to the public, and they still need to be tested on thousands of people. People think it’s science fiction, and actually, it’s not. It’s here, we can touch it, although we still have to wait. I think the same thing is with 3D bioprinting. It’s still ahead of us. We’re planning to go to Cambridge, where they have advanced science on even printing muscles on robot arms. We want to see that! I know that five years ago, they printed the first living functional heart. It was small, like for a rabbit, but it was functional. In 10 years, we’re going to get our spare parts. So why not be hopeful?

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Photographs courtesy of Marek and Alek Piotrowski