A manifesto for repairing, rebuilding – and rejuvenation

Petro Trush on how explosions in technology and changes in philosophy will extend lifespan, healthspan and longevity opportunities in Ukraine.

Longevity Ukraine is a team of enthusiasts from Ukraine; while they are engaged in various different fields of activity, they have a common goal of exploring and developing the extraordinary opportunity that is longevity.

Longevity Ukraine hopes to bring to investments, technologies and research in the field of longevity to Ukraine and share knowledge of their country with others.

The concept of longevity is all about the future, so we are glad to carry an opinion piece by Petro Trush, entrepreneur and founder of Longevity Ukraine. Trush is aware that while the current conflict is ongoing, many elementary tasks cannot be undertaken; however the group is actively engaged in planning projects and conducting research over the next four to six months, and by the by the end of 2023, they aim to launch activities as planned.

Ars longa, vita longevity
by Petro Trush

In 2020, many people clearly understood the vision of the questions of lifespan and related issues. We have already entered the 4th era of technological breakthrough – the development of nanotechnology, bioengineering, molecular engineering, quantum computers, etc. The longevity market has increased its volume in monetary terms by 2^9 times over the past two years. The feeling that in the next 10-30 years humanity will face a powerful explosion of technology does not leave me.

At the same time, now, as we near the end of 2022, and I am sitting in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, which is covered in darkness, and waiting for the next attack, I reflect on these feelings.

Petro Trush on how explosions in technology and changes in philosophy will extend lifespan, healthspan and longevity opportunities in Ukraine.
Petro Trush

In the end, you, like me, will perfectly understand that these coming changes will greatly alter the world around us and will affect a large number of people – in fact, I am confident the whole of humanity will be affected. Our economy and markets, politics and geopolitics, indeed, the very philosophy of life, will be affected. The changes will be huge, and we have now crossed their threshold.

So, let’s get back to our realities and reality – in my humble opinion, now is the best time to make a decision regarding future investments in post-war Ukraine.

Recently, I celebrated my 42nd birthday in Kyiv, Ukraine in the family circle, as is customary with a cake and candles. However, candles, lanterns and other uninterrupted lighting and power are now needed in Ukraine’s capital because of the strict schedules of emergency power outages. Of course, this is not the worst thing that we Ukrainians have experienced in the last nine months of full-scale invasion. Despite all the difficulties, terrible experiences, hardships of way, we Ukrainians do not lose hope.

We are grateful to our partners for their financial, humanitarian and military support – without you, Ukraine wouldn’t have been able to survive all the difficulties. In fact, the whole situation of the war, full of critical situations and experiences, pushed me to start working on the Longevity Ukraine project more actively.

And those with seats in the first rows will receive significant advantages

Given the fact that Ukrainians have shown themselves (in fact, always have always shown themselves) to be real heroes – both courageous and resourceful warriors and talented and hardworking people – the future opens up great and wide opportunities for us.

And for investors in Ukraine and Ukrainians, it provides an extraordinary opportunity to develop the most unexpected and fantastic projects of the future.

Ukraine has a large number of young scientists (bioengineers, geneticists, gerontologists, epigeneticists), as well as talented IT professionals and developers. There is a special, fertile ground for investment in (a select few from a much wider list):

  • Laboratories and R&D centers and clinics (new medical services, tests, rejuvenation programs, genetic modification programs).
  • Manufacturing companies (pharma, vaccines, biotracking technologies, xenotransplantation).
  • Development of an IT platform (for storing and managing biomarkers information in real time), using AI, machine learning and big data.

All opportunities and preconditions converge in Ukraine.

There is an e-residency mechanism, favorable tax conditions for doing business, a low level of taxation, preferences for the IT industry, a reliable banking sector, developed fintech, a high level of digitization of public services, plans to legalize cryptocurrency, an unregulated field of medicine, cosmetology and clinical research.

Let’s not forget the fact that Ukraine was declared a European Union candidate in June 2022. This opens up opportunities to ensure the rule of law on the basis of international requirements. As a result, Ukraine is expecting a powerful inflow of investments, both funds and technology, in all economic sectors.

After 24th February 2022 when the war started, my family and I left our apartment in Kyiv, leaving behind all our belongings and our children’s schooling. We stayed for three months in Lviv, Ukraine in my parents’ apartment. Lviv is my hometown, where I was born, raised, studied in high school and graduated from university. Starting from 2001, for more than ten years, I was completely immersed in the field of IT, then in 2013, I radically changed my field of activity and to this day I am engaged in the production and sale of interior fixtures. My mind is fixed on the future, and I look towards that future with optimism. Ukraine will win.

The Longevity Ukraine project and my personal goal is to bring to Ukraine investments, technologies and research in the field of longevity. My team and I are open to various forms of cooperation. We are working in Ukraine and will continue to do so the future.

Our project will act in your interests. We will help you understand the realities of Ukraine, provide support in legal, accounting and financial areas, business consulting and processing, marketing and media activities. We cooperate with key people in government, local government and NGOs and the scientific community. We gather professional circles of scientists, entrepreneurs and investors. Longevity Ukraine’s task is to “grow” longevity projects.

Our team is aimed at popularising Ukraine as a country that becomes a hub and infrastructure for projects in the field of lifespan from all over the world, a centre of technology transfer.

The First Longevity Ukraine Summit offline conference at the end of 2023 in Ukraine will be a special event. We will do it together – join us. After all, interaction and cooperation are the engines of any business. Each person can make a significant contribution to the future of humanity.

You are both welcomed and invited by Ukraine, Longevity Ukraine and by me, Petro Trush. Feel free to contact us with any questions. We look forward to fruitful and deep cooperation.

Sincerely, Petro Trush

You can email Petro at petro.trush@gmail.com or connect with him on LinkedIn.

Photographs: Petro Trush