A new longevity supplement that speaks for itsCELLF

Mikra’s new supplement aims to take CELLF-preservation to a new level.

Earlier this year, we covered Mikra’s bagging of $8.5 million in funding from its parent company, Lifeist Wellness Inc. The funding was going to be used to bring its first product, the longevity supplement CELLF, to market and to meet the demand of its waitlist which had a whopping 40,000+ consumers ready to try it.

Longevity.Technology sponsored content: Longevity supplements are always big news, so we wanted to take a closer look at CELLF, find out what this “intensive superblend formula” contains and how it works. What is also interesting, is that straight out of the gate, Mikra has one eye firmly fixed on the future, with genomic and transcriptomic trials and open label studies being planned and applying a foundry model to biotech, bringing in researchers who are looking at chronic illnesses to not only accelerate the platform, but help with regulatory issues, too.

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CELLF-contained – getting the supplement to where it needs to be

Before any supplement can fulfil its destiny, it has to get to where it needs to be. This can prove tricky, as our efficient gastric environment can end up destroying them. To ensure the best bioavailability, CELLF uses a patented delivery mechanism in the form of a two-stage liposomal-lactoferrin complex that combines lactoferrin, an iron-binding glycoprotein, with a liposomal barrier.

This ensures CELLF is not denatured by the gut, but allows the bioactive compounds to be delivered to the best site of absorption within the body – the jejunum – and from there into the blood plasma for delivery directly into cells.

CELLF-centred – just what’s in the supplement?

CELLF contains three key ingredients:

  • Glutathione – reduces free radicals and reactive oxygen species within the body, protecting cells and preventing tissue damage.
  • Coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinol) – improves the speed and efficiency of mitochondria, facilitating more energy production and availability at a cellular level.
  • Pyrroloquinoline quinone – provides neuroprotection and stimulates the increase of mitochondrial numbers, improving function and resulting in more efficient, natural energy production.

CELLF-help – how does the supplement work?

CELLF is designed to work at a cellular level to help combat fatigue, inflammation and brain fog, as well as delaying biological aging (the age your body actually is, rather that what it says on your passport).

The coenzyme Q10 and pyrroloquinoline quinone work on your mitochondria, the powerhouses of the cell. Mitochondria are responsible for taking glucose and oxygen and turning them into the energy we need, not just for moving around, for for basic biological function and growth and repair. As we age, the number of mitochondria decreases, their dysfunction increases and the rate at which they are recycled and replaced slows down. Not only can this lead to fatigue and poor recovery, but it also means less energy is available for repairing the damage caused by aging.

CELLF works to create mitochondria, says Mikra, and to improve their speed and increase their efficiency, resulting in more energy available on a cellular level.

Pyrroloquinoline quinone is also a neuroprotector [1] and, according to Mikra, works with the glutathione to protect neurons and improve neurofunction over time, leading to improved cognition and focus.

Mikra plans to unlock cellular potential and improve healthspan with proprietary tech and patent pending formulation in new longevity supplement. 

CELLF-defence – antioxidants to the rescue

Free radicals cause oxidative stress which can cause damage, disease and biological aging. As the body ages, it loses its ability to fight the effects of free radicals; this means more free radicals, leading to more oxidative stress and more damage to cells. It’s a vicious cycle which can lead to degenerative processes and contributes to biological aging.

We hear much about fruit and vegetables that contain antioxidants that can tackle free radicals, but the bioavailability of certain natural antioxidants can be relatively low [2] which is why supplements such as CELLF can help.

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant; it actively reduces dangerous free radicals and reactive oxygen species within the body, protecting cells and preventing tissue damage. By combating oxidative stress damage and the inflammation it can cause, the glutathione in CELLF helps to guard against the breakdown of healthy cells. Glutathione can also help combat the free radicals that originate from harmful environmental factors like diet, stress and strenuous exercise.


Mikra told Longevity.Technology that what matters to them is how you feel, not how many candles there are on your cake. To Mikra, CELLF is a different sort of supplement, one that has prevention, rather than cure, as its key aim – to prevent damage and delay biological aging. By putting increasing healthspan at the heart of its vision, Mikra hopes to increase the amount of healthy time people have left.

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