Activ’Inside launches supplement to improve joint health in seniors

Company responds to growing desire for supplements that target joint health and mobility.

Activ’Inside, a French company developing active ingredients and formulations for nutritional supplements, has launched a joint-focused supplement aimed at both athletes and the aging population.

Longevity.Technology: In launching AiFlex’inside, Activ’Inside says it is “responding to the increasing apprehensions of consumers regarding joint health” and is aiming to establish new benchmarks for joint health, mobility and overall well-being, “specifically catering to the needs of athletes and seniors”.

This is a smart move from Activ’Inside; Joint health is a prevalent concern for consumers worldwide, with nearly half of them expressing the desire to move freely and effortlessly as the defining factor for good joint health. According to recent statistics, 48% of individuals emphasize the importance of being able to move without suffering from aches and pains, while 34% actively seek nutritional supplements with claims focused on improving bone and joint health [1].

This ties in with our own Longevity Supplements Report; our survey showed that a whopping 43% of respondents were very or extremely concerned about the health of their bones, joints and muscles during aging, with a further 37% saying they were somewhat concerned [2]. Joint/muscle/bone health was the second-highest rated concern in our survey, coming in not far behind concerns about cognition and brain health.

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Because AiFlex’inside has been formulated primarily with ingredients that possess both anti-inflammatory properties and that can decrease pain sensitivity, Activ’Inside is aiming to not only target joint discomfort but also enhance sports performance and and increase mobility and overall quality of life for both athletes and seniors.

AiFlex’inside’s natural botanical formulation includes vitamin C, meadowsweet (which has a proven mechanism of action for a pain decreasing effect) and a patented saffron extract, which is backed by a proprietary clinical ex vivo study demonstrating a reduction in inflammation.

The company also points to a rheumatologist-supervised open trial with 100 participants, involving both athletes and seniors experiencing joint discomfort, in which AiFlex’inside demonstrated a confirmed decrease in discomfort with a daily 100mg dosage over a two-month period. Customer surveys also report 82% of athletes expressing reduced exercise challenges and 72% of seniors who incorporate AiFlex’inside into their routines reporting an enhancement in their quality of life.


Photograph: AnnaStills/Envato