Advanced aesthetics report gets under the skin of longevity

More than skin deep – addressing the underlying causes of skin and hair aging will be an inflection point for the beauty industry.

The beauty industry is on the verge of a revolution; for millennia, people have striven to ameliorate the effects that aging has wrought on their appearance, whether that is dying hair, rehydrating skin or neuromodulator injections. But what if we could identify, target and address the underlying causes of skin and hair aging to achieve long-term benefits – perhaps for health and appearance? This is where advanced aesthetics comes in.

We are excited to announce the publication of a brand new market intelligence report that provides a detailed analysis of the significant and growing advanced aesthetics market; our report is brought to you in glorious HTML, meaning it can be read on any screen, has a responsive design and straightforward navigation system.

Longevity.Technology: We need tactics that can address these underlying causes of skin and hair aging and that can halt the fine interlink between aesthetic aging and biological aging. We define advanced aesthetics as any therapeutics and technologies that address aesthetics aging by using evidence-based products that target hallmarks of aging – in other words, targeting the root cause of skin and hair aging.

As is covered in significant detail on this website, strategies that will improve longevity, allowing us to live longer and in far better health, are multiplying and accelerating. People will inevitably want an appearance that is in step with their newfound “youthful state” and to look as young as they feel, but aesthetic aging plays a significant and grossly-underappreciated role in influencing the rate of biological aging. Our report looks into this in some detail.

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How we look impacts our health and well-being; the burden from a number of skin conditions increases as we age, and skin aging not only reflects the process of biological aging going on throughout the body, but can itself can accelerate aging of our internal organs and tissues [1]. Skin aging has a significant impact on quality of life and the fitness of an organism, with recent research revealing the truly intimate link between skin aging and overall longevity – individuals that are older looking are more likely to have a higher incidence of morbidity and mortality, regardless of chronological age [2].

Add how looking older and seeing your appearance deteriorate into the mix, and it is clear that aging of the skin and hair take both a physiological and a psychological toll on an individual. The psychological aspect of aging is often overlooked or ignored, but the resulting effects can not be – longevity really does have skin in the game.

The advanced aesthetics market

Since 2013, we have seen a surge in both the number of advanced aesthetic companies, the number of investments and the size of both; this emphasises the immediate potential of this relatively new market.

Our free report examines the importance of advanced aesthetics, the size of the market, sector growth and investment activity. We report on company formations by year, capital invested and deal count and consider technical risk, market risk and market adoption.

We also explain the mechanisms behind skin and hair aging and investigate interventions for both in detail. We consider oral, topical and injectable compounds and as well as molecules, the other modalities in use, hormesis tech, cellular and microbiome.

Our report also features advanced aesthetics trailblazers – dynamic and innovative companies we feel are driving this exciting space.

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