HautAI – next-gen, AI-driven, hyper-personalised skincare solutions

Trailblazing unbiased skin evaluation driven by science-backed, end-to-end digital innovation.

Following the launch of our new Advanced Aesthetics report, we are showcasing the dynamic and innovative companies we feel are driving this exciting space – our trailblazers.

Over the coming weeks, we will be bringing you extracts from five trailblazer profiles; each profile includes a flagship product deep dive which offers a forensic consideration of product development, future development, target market, channels to market, success factors, IP and funding.

Here’s the lowdown on Haut.AI, and to read the full version of Haut.AI’s profile (and much more besides!) in our HTML advanced aesthetics report please click here.


Haut.AI is an industry-leading global artificial intelligence company that specialises in skincare and longevity. By combining advanced deep learning techniques for machine vision, deep generative models for synthetic data generation and reinforcement learning with expert human dermatologists, nutritionists and biogerontologists, the company develops advanced, hyper-personalised recommendation engines for the beauty, skincare and longevity markets.

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Estonia – the digital hub of the European Union – Haut.AI prides itself on supporting diversity and inclusion by developing AI that is effective across a range of different skin types and skin tones, in addition to developing novel techniques for identifying bias. With 65 global partnerships, the company’s SaaS solution currently serves international skincare brands, retailers and contract research organisations in 28 different markets.

“Haut.AI is an end-to-end digital innovation platform for next-generation, AI-driven, hyper-personalised, science-backed skincare and beauty solutions,” says CEO Anastasia Georgievskaya.

“We are focused on bringing the highest quality experience to our customers and building an ongoing interaction with consumers. We want to be there for them when they need our expertise and unbiased skin evaluation.”

The Haut.AI team was among the first to enter the AI-powered skincare market. By building a tech platform that analyses skin in real time (or within two seconds) with high accuracy at a dermatologist-level, Haut.AI’s goal is to give consumers much more – namely, digital skincare products, the tools to visibly transform their skin and feel better about its appearance, as well as access to a community and trusted environment where they can learn about products and skin tech innovations, share feedback, build routines and discover new brands and trends.

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