LADIÈRE – skincare developed in partnership with the Buck Institute and Sénèque

Integrating technologies at the forefront of cell science and longevity research into trailblazing skincare formulations.

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LADIÈRE is a Franco-Swiss brand that is revolutionising the world of cosmetics thanks to its solutions to improve health and longevity of the skin. Founded in 2019, LADIÈRE specialises in biotechnology and cellular research solutions linked to age-related skin problems. In collaboration with the Buck Institute for Research on Aging and Seneque Laboratories, LADIÈRE has developed its first skincare treatment “RENAISSANCE”, with a focus on the aging skin process. LADIÈRE believes cellular research and nature, are, together, the best and most efficient solution for skin-related problematics. Thanks to a seven-year research partnership with the Buck Institute for Research on Aging and the Sénèque laboratory, LADIÈRE can integrate cutting-edge technologies in cell science and longevity research into its formulations.

Stress, pollution and UV exposure are just a few examples of the aggressions suffered by the skin and the cause of its premature aging. As it is often difficult to find truly effective antiaging products, LADIÈRE has developed a unique ritual of 3 premium age defying treatments to improve skin firmness and maintain its health. The 3 products are the most advanced longevity skincare solutions the ritual name “RENAISSANCE” and include:

The products contain a signature active ingredient, NMN which is an essential molecule for cell longevity. With this unique ingredient combined to glacier water from the Titlis known for their rich minerality and purity, LADIÈRE has patented a unique patented proprietary formulation called the NADO +COMPLEX®. This revolutionary NADO+ COMPLEX® not only enhances complexion, but deeply revitalises and regenerates the skin cells, ensuring visible results within 32 days of application and are reinforced in the long term.

LADIÈRE is the world first and only cosmetic skincare brand to include this novel longevity molecule in a skin formulation. It also meets the most stringent European standards for approval and quality testing for a NAD+ booster in skincare. The product is over 92% natural, and all formulas are guaranteed to be free of endocrine disruptors, nanoparticles, parabens, mineral oils, silicones, sulfates, aluminum salts and dyes. On products scan apps, products obtained an excellent score.

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