OneSkin – the transformation of skincare into skin longevity

Proprietary peptide addresses skin health at the molecular level and targets the root causes of aging – skin functions, feels and looks younger.

We recently launched our new Advanced Aesthetics report, and as part of our coverage, we are showcasing five dynamic and innovative companies we feel are driving this exciting space – our trailblazers.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have brought you extracts from four trailblazer profiles, and today we are delighted to bring you our fifth – OneSkin; each profile includes a flagship product deep dive which offers a forensic consideration of product development, future development, target market, channels to market, success factors, IP and funding.

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Aging reinvented: “Aging is inevitable, how you age is not”

OneSkin is a San Francisco based company that is catalysing a paradigm shift within the cosmetics industry by targeting a root cause of aging within the skin, thereby rejuvenating it from the inside out. In this way, skin doesn’t just look healthier, it functions like younger skin on a cellular and molecular level. This is enabled by a cutting edge and proprietary R&D platform that is used to develop, validate and optimise novel longevity molecules that prevent and rejuvenate damages that drive the process of biological aging.

Founded in 2016, OneSkin’s origins began with four female scientists within a doctoral lab in Brazil that were united by a common passion: to liberate biotechnology insights from the confines of the academic setting and instantiate them in the real world. In doing so, OneSkin’s central mission is to alleviate age-related suffering by developing technologies that can reverse the aging process. With this mission in place, they decided to start with the largest organ in the body and most accessible target in the longevity market, the skin. This marked the beginning of a journey to transform the way humans experience aging, so that they could age in a healthy and vibrant way and live their best lives, every day.

“We are not a skincare company, we are a skin longevity company”

In an effort to truly characterise the state of the cosmetics market, the founders started their journey by developing biological age assays to validate existing antiaging products. From this process, they learned that most products targeted and/or concealed symptoms of skin aging and not its underlying, cellular and molecular drivers – the hallmarks of aging. This was OneSkin’s “call to action”, to transform the status quo “skincare approach” into a strategy that encapsulated true skin longevity.

There are several hallmarks of aging that are viable targets to improve skin health. For the founders of OneSkin, one hallmark of aging stuck out above the rest as a candidate for achieving rejuvenation – cellular senescence. This is due to its profound influence on skin aging and potential to spread inflammation and damage throughout the body like “wildfire”. As such, senescent skin cells have been alleged to accelerate biological aging and are implicated in driving chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

This spurred OneSkin to develop its proprietary screening platform to identify novel peptides that effectively target and neutralise senescent skin cells, a class of molecules called senotherapeutics. This led to the discovery of the senotherapeutic peptide OS-01, which OneSkin subsequently incorporated into a “first of its kind” line of topical supplements designed to extend skin health (i.e. skin-span) on the molecular level by targeting cellular senescence. The company’s current pipeline includes:

OS-01 Face Topical Supplement
OS-01 Body Topical Supplement

The field of senotherapeutics is still young and most data is confined within the lab or lengthy clinical trials. OneSkin is the first and only company using senotherapeutics within the aesthetic field. This puts them in the unique position to collect data en masse and translate their insights to not only other skin zones, but other organ systems of the body and chronic diseases of aging.

“Science First Approach”

One of the core tenets of OneSkin is its “science first” approach. The company operates end-to-end R&D in-house with a team of experts in stem cell biology, skin regeneration, tissue engineering, biochemistry, bioinformatics, molecular biology, immunology and aging. Their proprietary technology and lab process includes growing 3D human skin (from cells derived from skin biopsies) weekly and measuring how various compounds influence skin aging and longevity at the molecular and cellular level. This results in data driven products that evolve with the fast pace of biotechnology and are rooted in the scientific process. Further, its customers are connected to every step of the process and new piece of data that arises. Ultimately, OneSkin seeks to use its scientific rigour and senotherapeutic approach to help power its pipeline and empower its customers to take control of their aging trajectory.

“We believe the best antiaging treatment is one that is rooted in science, with data-backed claims. That’s why our topical products go beyond placing a metaphorical band-aid on aging skin – it addresses the molecular changes associated with aging to not only boost skin health, but overall health as well” – OneSkin.

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