Africa’s quest for healthy longevity

Highlights from the International Longevity Summit Africa 2023.

Happening on 23 and 24 August earlier this year, The International Longevity Summit Africa 2023 was a two-day event that brought together experts, leaders and innovators from the fields of longevity, biotechnology, transhumanism and policy.

Longevity.Technology: The summit aimed to explore the opportunities and challenges of the longevity and biotech revolution in Africa, with a focus on diversity, inclusivity and innovation. The summit (ILS Africa) was hosted by Afrolongevity, a non-profit organization that promotes research, education and advocacy for healthy aging and longevity in Africa.

The summit was opened by Mrs Kgomotsego Brenda Ramokopelwa, CEO of TAFFDs and CoFounder of Afrolongevity. Packed with keynote speeches, panel discussions and presentations, the summit included content on various topics related to longevity and biotechnology, such as aging biology, regenerative medicine, biomarkers, AI, ethics, social impact and entrepreneurship. Some of the notable speakers included HRH Prince Itumeleng Shole of the Batloung Ba Ga Shole, Mr Danny Molefi Thupane the Mayo of Mogale City, Ms Nomantu Nkomo-Ralehoko, the MEC for Health and Wellness Gauteng Province of South Africa, past presidents of The American Aging Association – Professors Rochelle Buffenstein, Holly Brown-Borg and Rozalyn Anderson, Drs Natasha Vita-More, Aubrey de Grey and Patrizia Anna d’Alessio.

Africa's quest for healthy longevity

There were also representatives from various organizations such as LEV Foundation,, GlycanAge, Humanity Plus, SENS Research Foundation, AISA Therapeutics, The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) South Africa, The Innovation Hub, Next Biosciences, Immobazyme, Eclectic Law, &c.

The summit showcased some of the projects and initiatives that are being developed or implemented in Africa to foster healthy longevity and biotechnology innovation. Some new programs and projects announced included the Afrolongevity Mentorship and Incubation Program by Professor Andrea Maier, winners of the 2023 Afrolongevity Innovative Competition by Dr Natasha Vita-More and the Afrolongevity Manifesto call for book chapters.

The summit also provided a platform for networking and collaboration among the participants, who came from 33 different countries across the world.

Africa's quest for healthy longevity

Osinakachi Akuma Kalu, the founder and board of directors chair of TAFFDs the parent company of Afrolongevity, closed the summit. In his concluding remarks, he emphasized the need for the longevity community to be more united and supportive of each other without selective aids. He also stressed the need to make opportunities and programs accessible and available for everyone interested in healthy longevity and biotechnology in Africa.

The International Longevity Summit Africa 2023 was a successful event that demonstrated the potential and promise of Africa in the global longevity and biotech landscape. It also highlighted the challenges and gaps that need to be addressed to ensure that Africa can benefit from the advances in these fields. The summit was a milestone in the history of TAFFDs & Afrolongevity, as well as a catalyst for future actions and collaborations among the stakeholders of healthy longevity and biotechnology in Africa.

Photos courtesy of International Longevity Summit Africa