AgeCurve app rolls out Longevity strategy content

Cambridge start-up stays ahead of the curve with new Longevity Levels Framework.

AgeCurve has enhanced its app with a custom-designed Longevity Strategy.
Researched and put together by Oliver Zolman, MD, Immune system aging 101, features three defined levels of Longevity interventions:

  • Level 1 – essential prevention
  • Level 2 – additional interventions
  • Level 3 – advanced aging damage reversal

The content is provided under a medical disclaimer and is accessible via the app’s new “Information” tab; it is also free of charge for current AgeCurve users until the end of 2020.
The university city of Cambridge in the UK is the key to this partnership; Cambridge has always been active in the Longevity space, playing host to Aubrey de Grey and the SENS conferences before Dr de Grey’s relocation to California.

Attila Csordas, the aging biologist, proteomics bioinformatician and Longevity philosopher who founded AgeCurve, and who met de Grey when Csordas was a grad student working on mitochondrial transfer in a stem cell lab in 2006, describes Cambridge as a place that “will always have people with a cutting-edge innovative view on aging and Longevity.”

“This is really the way the industry is going: providing a full-stack view and strategy on biological aging. Convergence.”

Csordas and Zolman have been on each other’s radar for a long time; Csordas says it’s a natural partnership.

“We have complementary skillsets and views on Longevity,” explains Csordas. “Oli brings a medical outlook and I bring a biological & bioinformatic viewpoint with high-throughput omics data that focuses on aging.

“Last year we started to work together and Oli provided AgeCurve with some useful clinical guidelines, we had actually debated a lot of our respective positions and I believe this was mutually beneficial.”

In January of this year, Csordas heard Zolman speaking at Cambridge. “It was like a three-hour marathon session in which he debuted his Longevity Level Frameworks – we discussed it a lot,” Csordas recalls. “This is really the way the industry is going: providing a full-stack view and strategy on biological aging. Convergence.”
Oliver Zolman considers his Framework represents a dynamic step for Longevity.
“To my knowledge, my Longevity Level 1 2 3 Framework is the most evidence-based and rigorously comprehensive strategy for reversing aging in every organ, to decades younger levels, and should represent a new standard of care for every human on the planet,” he told Longevity.Technology.
“I believe every clinician would benefit from implementing the Framework into their practice.
“Partnering with AgeCurve will allow my Longevity Level 1 2 3 Framework to reach a set of patients who are concurrently tracking easy-to-measure mass spec saliva aging proteomics – which can provide an interesting prospective cohort to correlate Level 1 2 3 interventions against.
Dr Zolman is committed to reversing aging inside and out. His clinic aims to be: “the first clinic to prove patients have reached longevity escape velocity, by reversing aging and age related diseases in every organ. By 2030 we aim to have strong evidence we have rejuvenated all 78 organs in healthy 80 year olds to age 60.”