Aging in place trailblazer focus – Carewell

Carewell – aiding individuals through their caregiving journey with empathy and knowledge.

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Carewell - Aging in place trailblazer
Carewell is a family-founded e-commerce company with a mission to support and improve the lives of home caregivers and their loved ones. One-fifth of Americans will act as informal caregivers at some point in their lives, and Carewell strives to make this population feel seen and understood by providing the products, service, and support they need. Carewell’s 24/7 customer service provided by its in-house caregiving specialists makes it unique in e-commerce healthcare and drives customer loyalty and sales. Carewell is redefining home healthcare by directly addressing the needs of this growing population to improve the lives of the caregiver and their loved one.

The idea of Carewell grew from Bianca Padilla, Co-founder and CEO, who, after college, moved back home into a three generational household. During this time, she stepped into a caregiving role alongside her mother, to care for her grandmother who was recovering from a hip surgery. The initial jump into a caregiving role left Padilla overwhelmed; with no “how to” guide to hand, caregivers must work out independently what their loved one needs. With so many products out there, she soon realised the difficulty of buying healthcare products that you both trust and know how to use. Ultimately, it was a surprise to learn that there was no support for someone who had unexpectedly been thrust into a caregiving role.

After finding out that by 2030, there is going to be more people over the age of 65 than there are going to be under the age of 18, Padilla realised the rise in care need that will be apparent over the next decade.

As family caregivers tend to have no medical training and no prior medical expertise, Padilla sought out a means to cut through the confusion, delivering a platform to provide both the tools and education required for effective caregiving, and so Carewell was created. Carewell recognises the huge responsibility individuals take on acting as a nurse for loved ones and so set out to support carers where they could, offering a unique personal service. Carewell provides access to a large variety of products that can be delivered quickly in 1-2 days. The company dons the efficiency of a mega-internet retailer, with the customer service of a local business.

Carewell is growing its customer base and constantly augments its product range, all while scaling its personal service to ensure customer satisfaction.

Aging in place trailblazer

Longevity Potential: Carewell e-commerce – providing caregiving tools and education

With the older generation living longer and wanting to age at home, more than 53 million family caregivers will be present in the US, caring for more than 80 million people and spending more than $187 billion on home health care. A proportion of this spending focuses on consumer bought products from local retailers, pharmacies, and healthcare e-commerce websites, however, there is little out there in the way of vetted products and product guidance. Carewell offers a solution by addressing the top categories caregivers are concerned with regarding elderly health and giving access to relevant products and direct communication with knowledgeable caregiving specialists.

Carewell centres its services around its values to empower, create exceptional experiences and support individuals with empathy. The company works with these values in mind by providing carers with a personal service that involves:

● Stocking a vetted selection of 6500+ top value products
● Giving access to a trained caregiving team who are accessible 24/7 by phone or email
● Offering easy to read product information, instructions, advice, and guidance
● Regular access to educational support, answering the hard-to-ask questions
Carewell stands out from other healthcare companies due to their strong array of caregiving specialists at hand. Through focused recruitment and training, its team are not only providing an amazing service, but using deep specialised knowledge to empathetically aid individuals through their caregiving journey.

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